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Attention SID’s

The College Baseball Blog would like to make sure that all SID’s add us to their media contact list for the 2008 season. We would love to be added to your contact lists as it makes it much easier for us to put up recaps if they are included in our email. We are also receiving a ton of media guides but we need to be contacted by SID’s for our address. Click on my name below to send me an email.

Take care

Brian Foley

Forums Launched

We have released our brand-new forums for the College Baseball Blog which are available by clicking the link on the side or clicking here. We would love to have your thoughts on the new forums. Also, What can we do with the site to make it better for our readers? Do we need more writers? More game coverage? How can we get some better sponsors so we can give you guys the best coverage in the nation? Please leave some comments with your thoughts or email us.

The CBB talks with The Baseball Zealot

I was recently contacted by The Baseball Zealot about being a guest on his most recent podcast. I came on and discussed some of the history of our great website, among previewing the 2008 season. We would like to thank The Baseball Zealot for letting us come on his show and discuss the entire nation. The full podcast is available by clicking here. I am always open to being a guest on any radio or podcast so feel free to contact us by clicking here.

Practice Begins!

The biggest issue that has been discussed during the offseason has been the uniform start date which is February 1st for the first organized team practice and February 22nd for the first game for all Division 1 programs (excluding Hawaii). Most schools will hold their first practice on Friday with a few exceptions including the Ivy League which will hold off for another week or so. The uniform first practice day should be a tradition like they have in basketball with Midnight practices to celebrate the beginning of the season. Continue reading Practice Begins!

Slow Day/Site News

Listen to The CBB on internet talk radioThere was not much news around the College Baseball World on Wednesday. I thought I would ask for some suggestions on the future of the site. We are currently thinking about doing a season preview podcast sometime in February where we will give a Top 25 and our thoughts on the best teams around the country. We would also discuss some other issues around college baseball including the uniform start date and other issues. Would you guys listen to it? If you have anything to add about the site negative or positive feel free to leave a comment.

Looking for sponsors

The College Baseball Blog is looking for sponsors for the 2008 college baseball season which is right around the corner. We receive over a thousand hits a day and provide some of the best college baseball coverage on the internet. We are trying to get enough money together to start selling t-shirts on the site which will contain the logo of your company. If your company would be interested in talking with us about this oppurtunity feel free to give us an email and we will give you some more information.




There was a brief six hour outage of the College Baseball Blog. GoDaddy was having some issues with WordPress which are fixed now and we should not have anymore in the near future. If you ever have a problem, I URGE you to email me at anytime and I will be all over it.

UPDATE: GODADDY is still having issues. As of 1:48 pm, Our site is running very slowly.

UPDATE #2: As of 2:59 pm, The site seems to be running much better now.




We received some great donations over the last two days and will be able to keep the site running over the next year. The people that donated will be the first to receive CBB T-shirts which hopefully will be made in the coming months. I was thinking about making a trip to Tempe for one of the tournaments which ASU is hosting with Vanderbilt, Oregon State, and Miami (OH) joining them.

If we keep getting these great donations, we will make this one of the top college baseball sites in the country with the upgrades I can do to the site.