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Mark Etheridge of has started his 80 team preview of schools in the Southeastern part of the country. His first preview is of the North Carolina Tar Heels which is led by one of the best pitching duos in the country in Alex White (CBB #3 player in 2009) and Matt Harvey (CBB #42 Player in 2009). They also return All-American hitter Dustin Ackley (CBB #8 player in 2009) who is coming back from off season elbow surgery. Continue reading starts Countdown

SeBaseball Regional Projections for May 13th

SEBaseball has put out their Regional Projections for May 13th. They have three teams from the ACC receiving the top three bids to the tournament. Miami (FL) has the top spot while UNC comes in at number two and FSU at the third overall seed. Miami (FL) and UNC will get together this weekend for a big series in Coral Gables between the ACC Coastal Division rivals. Continue reading SeBaseball Regional Projections for May 13th

SeBaseball Regional Projections for April 8th

SeBaseball has put out their Regional Projections on April 8th. I know I missed this but I have been busy. One of the most interesting things in the projections is that UNC-Wilmington is listed as a regional host coming out of the CAA. The rest of the bracket is pretty much straight forward and is available by clicking here.

SouthEastern 80: Vanderbilt

Mark Etheridge runs the and has been doing a preview of top teams in the South East.

During the best of times, Tim Corbin takes setbacks hard. Last year’s Regional final loss to Michigan had to raise that bar a bit. Despite an SEC regular season championship, an in-your-face run through the losers bracket to win the SEC Tournament, and a number one National seed as a host in last summer’s Regional, Vanderbilt had to feel like their season lacked something. It ended prematurely.

To read the rest click here.

Rivals Conference Previews

Our good friend Kendall Rogers of has started doing previews of conferences for the 2008 season.He is one of the top college baseball writers in the country with the depth of his knowledge about the players and coaches across the country. The previews are brief but informative especially the lower level conferences. Continue reading Rivals Conference Previews

Rivals names Top 5 programs editor Kendall Rogers has announced his top five overall programs. He puts Oregon State in the top spot after Pat Casey has led the Beavers to two consecutive national championships. The Beavers are also one of the top recruiters in the nation so they should continue their dominance. He puts the Cal-State Fullerton Titans in the runner up spot with the success they have had with Augie Garrido, George Horton, and entering his first season Dave Serrano. The program should not see a difference at all since Serrano was able to build a CWS team at UC-Irvine. Texas takes the third place as Augie Garrido has made the Longhorns a national contender every season and continue to bring in great players. Rice head coach Wayne Graham is entering his 17th season in Houston as he has made the Owls a great pitching university. Kendall rates them in the fourth spot with North Carolina coming in at fifth. Mike Fox has brought the Tar Heels program back to the national stage with consecutive appearances in the CWS Championship series where they have lost both times to Oregon State. The Tar Heels had a great pitching team in 2006 but a great hitting team in 2007 so he is able to win with different types of teams. The full article from Kendall is available here.

SeBaseball Article

Mark Etheridge of checks in with an article about many different topics. The first topic which is discussed is the whole Oregon/UC-Irvine/Fullerton musical chair act that has been going on all summer including Rod Delmonico (former head coach at Tennessee) throwing his name in the hat at UC-Irvine. The next topic discussed is how Dave Perno of UGA has had to change up his staff for the 2008 season with an assistant coach moving on to a different school. He finishes up the article by talking about some of winners and losers in the summer in getting transfers. The full article is available here.

Sebaseball free previews

SEBaseball checks in with some previews which I have missed in the recent weeks. They posted a very nice previews which are linked below.
Louisiana Tech
James Madison

I have been slacking off lately but with the recent holidays and great football games on TV (see Boise State vs Oklahoma), I have not had too much time to be blogging. You can expect me to be blogging more in the near future and especially with the season starting up at the end of the month.