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Georgetown facing NCAA Probation

3504781 The Georgetown Athletic Department was placed on three years probation after an internal investigation discovered irregularities within the baseball program. The investigation focused on how 26 Georgetown student-athletes were members of a Work-Study program from the 2000-2001 to the 2006-2007 school years. Each of the student-athletes played for the baseball program while also working for the team doing various tasks, from laundry to trash pick-up or field preparations. The players were told by an assistant coach to fill out their time cards for blocks of time instead of the actual hours they worked. Of course, some of the time which the players were compensated for was never actually worked.

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OK State facing NCAA Hearing

oklahoma_stateOklahoma State is facing a meeting with the NCAA over a major rules violation a former player receiving a gift from an out of state congregation. The former player was not included in the documents but a hearing is scheduled on August 7th and 8th.

An OSU spokesman explained that the former player was on an out-of-state summer baseball roster in 2007, and during that summer attended a church. The player did not own a vehicle and had money problems, the spokesman said.

As anyone knows that has dealt with the NCAA, they do not look past these things that often so expect the Cowboys to face some sort of sanctions in the coming months.

You can check out the full article by the Tulsa World by clicking here.

Andrew Oliver Case Update

The Andrew Oliver case against the NCAA finished yesterday January 13th according to court records obtained by The College Baseball Blog. The judge ended up taking the case under advisement and ordered both parties to file findings of fact and conclusions of law by January 23rd. After that, he will deliberate the case and issue an opinion in a week or two. We should see a decision at the end of January or at the beginning of February. Continue reading Andrew Oliver Case Update talks about Andrew Oliver

My good buddy Darren Heitner who is the founder of continues his extensive coverage of the Andrew Oliver situation. Heitner is currently in law school and his information on the Oliver situation is always from the legal perspective. He is of the belief that Oliver should be able to play in the 2009 season based on the information that he has received which includes legal documents in the case. Continue reading talks about Andrew Oliver

Andrew Oliver set to blow up NCAA Baseball?

The New York Times has put out an article today about the Andrew Oliver situation which ended up getting him suspended before the NCAA Tournament. He ended up getting suspended for his relationship with an agent after being drafted out of high school.

Oliver has now filed a lawsuit against the NCAA for not giving him due process in the situation. The New York Times article states the following about the lawsuit: Continue reading Andrew Oliver set to blow up NCAA Baseball?

Andrew Oliver UPDATE

Darren Heitner of Sports Agent Blog continues his great work on the Andrew Oliver situation that exploded over the weekend. He ended up getting a ton of information forwarded to him from many different sources to get down to exactly what happened which saw Oliver end up suspended from the Oklahoma State team indefinitely. I will let you read the article for the full details which is available here. on the ASU scandal

Our buddies over at The Pitchfork Nation told us about a great article on looking into the allegations with the Arizona State Sun Devil baseball program. It seems that a large rift is developing in the ASU program as many of the boosters are supporting head coach Pat Murphy while other people in the Arizona State community are calling his accuser Mikel Moreno a true Sun Devil by bringing these possible allegations to the public. The full article from ESPN is available here.

ASU in Hot Water?

The Arizona State Sun Devils recently had to suspend Jason Jarvis for some academic issues from this fall semester. Somehow the Sun Devils were able to get him eligible for last weekend’s tournament hosted by Arizona State where he made a pinch hitting appearance. The East Valley Tribune reported on Tuesday that former player and graduate manager Mikel Moreno was approached by Arizona State compliance officer Bill Kennedy about improper benefits going on in the program. Continue reading ASU in Hot Water?