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FSU vacates four wins from 2006-2007 Season

howser The Florida State baseball program has officially vacated four victories (including one NCAA win) from the 2006-2007 NCAA Baseball season. This comes from the investigation into the FSU athletic department which also sees the football team lose 12 wins and also affects over ten other sports in Tallahassee.

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NCAA accuses Arizona State Baseball of Rules Violations

ASULogo The Arizona Republic has obtained documents that Arizona State was sent a notice of allegations on November 19th the day before Pat Murphy abruptly resigned. This goes against what Lisa Love stated when the resignation became public on November 20th. The notice states that ASU is facing nine violations including a key one that the university lacks institutional control. If ASU is found guilty in this case, it will be the ninth major violation since 1953 which ties them with SMU who had the football program cut for three years in the mid-80’s.

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ESPN talks about FSU’s Academic Scandal

FSULogo ESPN’s Outside the Lines recently looked into the Florida State Athletic program’s academic fraud case. Florida State is currently on four years of probation after it was found out that a learning specialist, an academic adviser and a tutor took tests and wrote papers for student-athletes. The baseball program was affected in the sanctions as they had a reduction in scholarships. You can check out the New York Times article which details everything by clicking here and checking out the NCAA Infractions report by clicking here. The Outside the Lines report focuses on how FSU deals with letting less then ideal college athletes and the full video report is included after the jump.

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Kentucky’s James Paxton Case Update for December 4th


As I reported on early Thursday morning about senior Kentucky pitcher James Paxton and his lawsuit against the University of Kentucky. Here is a brief run down of the events in this case from the court documents which are linked below. I highly recommend reading the response from Kentucky which gives a much more in depth breakdown of the events.

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James Paxton sues Kentucky

NCAA Men's Baseball

University of Kentucky 2008_09 Season Kentucky senior LHP James Paxton filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the University of Kentucky. According to a New York Times article, Paxton was told in October to meet with an NCAA investigator but was instructed to not tell his parents or his lawyers about the interview. Kentucky Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart told Paxton that he would not be allowed to play on the team without submitting to the interview.

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Andrew Oliver and NCAA settle Lawsuit

AOliver Andrew Oliver and the NCAA have come to a settlement in their lawsuit for $750,000. Oliver had sued the NCAA for the right to have representation in his MLB contract negotiations out of high school. The NCAA became aware of him using a lawyer and suspended him at the beginning of the 2008 NCAA Tournament. Oliver brought the case to court and got an injunction so he could play during the 2009 season. The case continued throughout the season including a judge saying that the NCAA violated the law by not allowing representation of the players.

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Cracking down on Advisers

OSU TTU BASEBALL If you have been following this site for over a year, then you have heard me talk about the Andrew Oliver case at least a few times. The main issue in the case is whether or not drafted players could use legal counsel to help them negotiate a contract. The NCAA has been very strict that these advisers violate the amateurism rule if they are paid like they were in the Oliver case. This is very interesting as MLB teams have lawyers helping negotiate contracts but the drafted player can’t? Don’t you think something is wrong there?

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NCAA looking into cracking down on “Advisors”

AndrewOliver The NCAA is currently looking into cracking down on the Advisers/Agents in the MLB Draft negotiations. The reason for this comes from the Andrew Oliver case where he was deemed ineligible because he had an advisor (agent) representing him out of high school during his negotiations. MLB is also not happy with the current situation with how drafted players are receiving outrageous money from some of the large market clubs.

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