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Houston Baptist releases 2008 schedule

The Houston Baptist University has released the 2008 schedule. This is the first season that the Huskies will participate in Division 1 as they are moving up from NAIA where they finished third in the NAIA World Series in 2007 with a 43-21 record. The team opens the season on February 1st when Concordia-Texas comes in for the start of a three game set. They will play the first game against a Division 1 program on February 26th when they play a doubleheader against Stephen F. Austin. They will end the season taking part in the NCAA Division 1 Independent Tournament in Edinburg. The full schedule is available by clicking here.

I wonder why the Huskies are being allowed to start the season on February 1st when the uniform start date is February 22nd. Anyone have any answers? If you do then leave them in the comments section.

Thanks to Bob Broughton of for the heads up on the schedule.  He is the best source for NAIA baseball news on the Internet.

Juco’s getting shafted by new Draft Rules??

The Courier News checks in with an article on the new draft rules and how they will impact the baseball program at Elgin Community College. They are one of the top Juco teams in the country and they consistently send players to Division 1 colleges or the MLB draft. The article believes that there will be very little effect on the baseball team at Elgin.
You can read the full article here.