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Could this be Augie Garrido last Season?

There has been some speculation over the last few months that this could be Augie’s last season with the University of Texas. Our good friend Alan Trubow of the Austin-American Statesman had the chance to speak with Augie about this very topic today.

Augie told Alan that he did not know where the rumors were coming from on him heading to California at the end of the season.

He put a stop to those thoughts right away. Continue reading

NCAA Rule changes backfires??

Bryan Roy who writes for The Wildcat Online (Univ. of Arizona) checks in with an article about how the uniform start date has been bad for college baseball. He states that it has hurt the student-athletes chances in the classroom. My biggest problem with this statement is that the Northern schools have had to deal with this for years so why should the Southern schools get away with it? The full article is available here.

Gotham Baseball Weekend Recap

Our good friend Chip Armonaitis of Gotham Baseball sent us a link to his Weekend Recap of the Gotham area baseball programs. There was only one major upset with Fordham beating Virginia Tech if you really want to call that an upset. Fordham is expected to be near the top of the A-10 this season while Virginia Tech is expected to finish last in most of the preseason projections. Continue reading

Jason Jarvis ASU Pitcher ruled ineligible for the rest of the season.

Jason Jarvis has been ruled ineligible for the rest of the season per NCAA rules. This stems from questions over a online grade being lowered.

Jarvis of Scottsdale appealed an academic dishonesty accusation that led to an online grade being lowered. He was ineligible for the first game of the season then allowed to play through Tuesday. The appeal was heard Thursday.
To read the rest of the article

It’s Not an Adventure, It’s a Job

New York Times

Bill Pennington has continued his series of articles on what a student athlete goes through on a day to day basis. The students have to juggle their school work around practice and game time and plus have some type of a personal life. Then the coach has to guard against the possibility of players getting their nose out joint if they find out that a certain team mate is getting more scholarship then they are. Please take the time to read this article and the other two from Bill Pennington.

New York Times
Article Two
Article One

Recruits Clamor for More From Coaches With Less

Bill Pennington of the New York Time has written part two of three on what a coach has to go through in order to recruit a student athlete to his/or her campus. I found both articles to be very enlightening with a lot of detail. Please take the time to read the article if you are a parent or a student athlete. This will save you some headaches down the line if and when you reach this point.

Full Article

Expectations Lose to Reality of Sports Scholarships

DiskBill Pennington of the New York Time has written a very comprehensive article on the actual dollars for a scholarship. If you are a Parent or a student athlete please take the time to read this article. It goes in depth to all the sports on how a scholarship is divided up and what a coach goes through to divide those dollars up. The full article is available here.

CoC Head Coach Pawlowski facing a challenge off the field

The Charleston Post and Courier writer Ken Burger wrote an excellent article about John Pawlowski facing some a major challenge off the field. His 13-year old daughter Mary-Louise has been diagnosed with PNET (primitive neuroectodermal tumors) which is a rare form of cancer which only affects two percent of children with cancer. The coach talks about how difficult it was to tell his daughter she has cancer and other issues arising from the situation. The full article is available here.