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Feedback on the Blog?

Since this is a slow time for news in College Baseball, I think this would be an excellent time to get some feedback from our great readers on some of the great stuff we have done over the year. What have you liked/disliked? What would you like to see more of? Question and Answer sessions? Live Game Blogs? More Feature Articles? Leave your comments in the section below or by sending me an email by clicking here.

Pitchfork Nation talks with ASU’s Josh Spence

JoshSpence2 Pitchfork Nation reporter Michael Kossett recently sat down with Arizona State senior pitcher Josh Spence to discuss his decision to return to Tempe for his final season of eligibility. Spence had a solid 2009 season which saw him go 10-1 with a 2.37 last season including a solid outing at the College World Series. You can check out the full video below.

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Former WFU Baseball Coach Charged In Computer Sex Sting

JonPalmieri It is very rare that I have to come on here and actually be disgusted with the story that I have to report but tonight is a different story. According to multiple reports in the Winston-Salem NC area, former Wake Forest assistant coach Jon Palmieri was arrested on Tuesday after allegedly soliciting a 14 year old girl for sex. The girl come to find out was a police officer on the other side. Palmieri continued conversations with the officer for a month before setting up a meeting on Tuesday where the police apprehended him when he showed up.

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West Virginia’s Van Zant’s proposal goes to NCAA Division 1 Baseball Committee

vanzant-greg I reported on January 6th that West Virginia head coach Greg Van Zant made a proposal for a change to the RPI. (FULL STORY) It was discussed at the ABCA convention and recently was sent off to the NCAA Division 1 Baseball Committee where it will be reviewed again. Continue reading West Virginia’s Van Zant’s proposal goes to NCAA Division 1 Baseball Committee

Lefthanded catchers??

NCAALogo The NCAA Double-A Zone blog had an entry recently asking about why catchers are always right-handed. It is interesting that there has not been a left-handed catcher in the Majors in 20 years with really no logical reason for it. Mike Squires, a left-hander who caught two innings for the White Sox in 1980 and now scouts for the Reds, has the best reason. "You’re talking about old-timers who don’t want to change," he told the NY Times. "I always wanted to be a catcher growing up. But I was not allowed to."

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NBC World Series in trouble?

logo-nbc The Wichita Eagle has put out a very interesting article about the National Baseball Congress World Series which is facing some struggles with the economic crisis facing the country. They are also facing a crisis as the NCAA has pushed back the College World Series a full week which cuts down on the length of the season as it has to be completed by August 17th according to NCAA rules. The final issue that is facing the NBC World Series is the lack of quality players in the league as many of the best ones are heading to the more prestigious Cape Cod Baseball League and other ones across the country.

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NCAA issues Moratorium for Composite Bats

BatRolling4 The NCAA has announced that they are placing a moratorium for composite bats according to a report from Baseball America’s Aaron Fitt (LINK). The issue about the composite bats aroused during the Tennessee and Vanderbilt season ending series where multiple homers by the Volunteers were hit over the wall at ridiculous distances. Tim Corbin was adamant that Tennessee was using hot bats to hit those homers including getting a bat confiscated. The SEC Tournament Conference Call which took place after that series focused on the issue.

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Women’s College Baseball Coming Soon?

(Dave Getzschman / LA Times Photo)

I found an interesting article from the LA Times which talks about the development of Women’s baseball over the last 50 seasons. The article looks former Vassar player Lilly Ring who recorded the first hit in college baseball by a female since the mid-1980’s. She just transferred out of Vassar to head to California where she will look to play for the club team at the school. Continue reading Women’s College Baseball Coming Soon?

Brazos Valley Bombers boost pitching staff

brazosbombersMarc Damon joins Bombers as team prepares for postseason push.

Bryan-College Station, TX (July 17, 2009) –

The Brazos Valley Bombers bolstered their pitching staff today, as right-hander Marc Damon joined the team for the latter half of the regular season. Damon figures to come in handy with the team looking to strengthen their postseason position.
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College Baseball should remove Metal Bats?

Russell Branyan (Courtesy of SDDirk)
Russell Branyan (Courtesy of SDDirk)

This argument comes up almost every season that college baseball needs to remove metal bats. Today’s argument comes from an article from writer Randy Benson. He states that the college game is broken and to fix the game they should switch over to wood bats. I totally disagree with this as the wood bat games I have attended at the Division 2 level have been absolutely boring and even the summer league games which use wood bats have been awful to watch as balls barely even got to the outfield. Continue reading College Baseball should remove Metal Bats?