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CBD Journal with Texas A&M Corpus Christi’s Jacob Dorris (December 19th)

CBDForty-five days separate winning clubs from losing clubs.

As important as the fall and summer off-seasons are in building a successful college baseball team, there is no doubt in my mind that championships are won and lost during the Christmas break. The character of every team around the country will face its greatest test in the next 40 to 50 days. College baseball may be the only NCAA Division I sport in which coaches send their athletes back home, with zero supervision for over a month, right before the beginning of the season. Players can work hard themselves all summer, collectively work hard as a team all fall and waste it all over Christmas break. The coaches aren’t checking attendance in the weight room and your teammates aren’t there to hold you accountable. If an individual player doesn’t take it upon himself to continue working hard every day over the break, all the sweat, all the cuts in the cage, all the long-tossing and all the conditioning they’ve done throughout the entire off-season may be wasted. It’s all about routine and self-discipline. It’s not “Christmas Break,“ it’s more like “Christmas Make-or-Break.” Continue reading CBD Journal with Texas A&M Corpus Christi’s Jacob Dorris (December 19th)

Charlotte dismisses Five Players for Hazing

HibbsFeaturedCharlotteThe Charlotte Observer is reporting that the Charlotte 49ers have dismissed five players from the baseball squad as the investigation into hazing continues. The players were not named but the 49ers have been removed from the Georgia Bulldogs schedule as it is unclear if the 49ers will have enough players when the season comes around. It is possible that more players could be kicked off the team according to the press release from the school.  Continue reading Charlotte dismisses Five Players for Hazing

2015 Collegiate Baseball Preseason All-American Team Released

From Collegiate Baseball Press Release

TUCSON, Ariz. — The 2015 Louisville Slugger Pre-Season All-Americans feature a remarkable mix of talented NCAA Division I baseball players across the USA.

The teams, chosen by Collegiate Baseball newspaper, feature six starting pitchers with a combined 1.97 ERA. RHP Kyle Funkhouser of Louisville led all first teamers with 122 strikeouts last season. Continue reading 2015 Collegiate Baseball Preseason All-American Team Released

Being part of an exhilarating and sometimes aggressive game, the players on the professional baseball circuit have become big stars in the USA, sliding to stardom with millions of fans.

The lighter side of baseball is part of what makes it so great and enjoyable for so many adoring viewers. Every sport has its share of entertaining moments, but the antics involved with baseball take on a different tone since they can surface in so many different ways. Continue reading

How an Ex-Baseball Player Raised Money for a Worthy Charity

Raising money for charity can be an exhausting process but the need to organize an event that not only raises the profile of a charity but also spreads awareness of said event and cause is essential on so many levels. Although giving large monetary donations is an honorable feat, through specially organize events it helps initiate a response from other people, and helps sustain donations for years to come. Continue reading

How Playing Baseball Can Make You Better at Poker

At first, baseball and poker seem like an unlikely pair since they are completely different games. However, a closer look reveals that baseball and poker share many similarities in terms of strategy, among other things. A variation game of Stud poker is even called “Baseball.”

If you learn baseball strategy, it can help your poker-playing strategies as well. Here are a few reasons how playing baseball can help make you a better poker player.

Players Must Balance the Slow Pace of the Game with High Adrenaline Moments

Baseball is a very slow game. However, when there is action, it all happens quickly and with a lot of adrenaline. For instance; someone tries to steal a base, or someone hits a home run and the crowd goes wild. That’s how it is in poker, too. Hand after hand is slowly played until there is a standoff, and everything gets exciting. In both baseball and poker, you have to be ready for those high-adrenaline moments because they can happen at any time. Even though the games are played slowly, you must remain alert.

Players Are Rewarded for Patience and Calculated Risks

Since baseball and poker are played so slowly, this leaves a lot of time for players to strategize. In baseball, the coach studies each player on the opposing team and reveals the information to his pitcher to help the pitcher decide what pitching strategy to use. The coach and pitcher often talk to each other in code with hand signs. The same is true of poker; players carefully study their opponents to determine the best strategy of play, such as whether to bluff or give up when they’ve missed their draw. Players who are patient and take calculated risks are rewarded in both games.

In addition, poker pros often spend a good deal of time reading strategy online or in books, while baseball players often study with their coaches and teammates to come up with the best possible strategies and plays.

Players Are Faced with Constant One-on-One Confrontations

Baseball is a team sport, but there are constant one-one-one confrontations — such as the pitcher vs. the batter and baseman vs. the runner. Poker can be played with lots of people, but it often comes down to a head-to-head battle to determine the winner of the hand. One-on-one confrontations complicate the games because you have to constantly change your strategy to win. You can’t always pitch a fastball and you can’t always bluff your opponent. Baseball legend Orel Hershiser has mastered one-on-one confrontations in both baseball and poker, having found success on the felt after his retirement from the mound.

Players Must Make Quick Decisions

Even though there is a lot of time to strategize in baseball and poker, players often have to make quick decisions. Batters must constantly decide whether to swing or let the ball pass, and batting is a lot like betting. In poker, players must decide whether to bet, check, call, raise or fold. One bad decision can cause a strike in baseball or a lost hand in poker. So, players must have the stamina to strategize over a long game, but they must also have the ability to make quick decisions that can alter their entire strategy. Both baseball and poker are simple in principle, but complex in reality.

Players Must Try to Read Their Opponents and Hide Their Tells

The biggest similarity between baseball and poker is that players must try to read their opponents and hide their tells. The pitcher in a baseball game can choose to throw a fastball, curveball, or one of several other pitches. It is the batter’s job to try and read the pitcher to know what type of pitch he is going to throw. Then, if a baseball player is able to get onto a base, he must decide whether to try and steal another by bluffing the pitcher. This is similar to poker in that all players must try and figure out if their opponents are bluffing. Then, poker players must also decide whether to try and bluff themselves.

All baseball pitchers and poker players have tells. Part of the strategy of each game is trying to figure them out. If you can correctly determine what actions your opponent is going to take based on their behavior and body language, you can win the game.

Both baseball and poker require a specific set of skills. If you want to be an awesome poker player, take a closer look at baseball. The strategies are very similar, and practicing one game can make you better at the other. Baseball and poker both characterize America. People in the U.S. love a good game of strategy where some skill can take them to the top. By understanding the similarities between these games, you can become a master of strategy and improve your skills at both.

East Carolina releases 2015 Schedule

JeffHoffmanECUFeaturedGREENVILLE, N.C. – Thirty-four home games at Lewis Field inside Clark-LeClair Stadium, including the 12th-Annual Keith LeClair Classic, highlight the 2015 East Carolina baseball schedule announced Wednesday morning by first-year head coach Cliff Godwin.

The 2015 slate features 11 games against six teams that earned a bid to the 2014 NCAA Regionals, 28 against squads with 30-plus wins and six that finished ranked in the national polls. Continue reading East Carolina releases 2015 Schedule