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CBD Journal with Kentucky Wesleyan’s Adam Akin (March 21)

Asst_Coach_Adam_AkinThrough my experience, coaches are almost always the most competitive people in the world. We are the ones that would have trouble making it through life without something to strive for, something to learn, and something to give us a sense of purpose. Competition is what feeds us and what gives us that edge. As I have recently learned, it is this competitiveness that is both my biggest strength and my biggest weakness. Continue reading CBD Journal with Kentucky Wesleyan’s Adam Akin (March 21)


Asst_Coach_Adam_AkinIt was a February afternoon in the “spring” of 2010 when I first felt baseball’s ultimate wrath. We were at West Georgia, minutes from the start of the final season opener of my baseball playing career. It was a day I had been both looking forward to and dreading for quite a long time, but there’s nothing in life that can prepare you for those moments. I walked down the line and felt that clean cut of my brand new cleats slicing through their freshly mowed grass. I walked past a few of my teammates that were still playing catch and soaked in the sound of their gloves, popping like gun shots every four or 5 seconds. I laid down in that outfield and never wanted to move again. I thought back through all of my favorite moments the game of baseball had given me, up to that point, and didn’t want to get any closer to that finish line. That smell, those noises, and that feeling are things that I’ll never be able to get out of my head, and I’m both thankful and disappointed to have experienced them. Continue reading CBD JOURNAL WITH KENTUCKY WESLEYAN’S ADAM AKIN (March 8th)

CBD Journal with Texas A&M Corpus Christi’s Jacob Dorris

Most of my friends from home seem to think being a baseball player at Texas A&M Corpus Christi is a life full of beaches, bikinis and baseball. Well, not so much… So far this fall, it’s been a life full of books, barbells and bullpen sessions. The fall is a time to get bigger, stronger and faster; and that means 6:00 a.m. weightlifting groups, enough conditioning to make the cross country team look out of shape, and countless individual drills in the bullpen or batting cage. Add about 15 semester hours of classes into the mix and you will find that most of my teammates and I spend about 12 to 14 hours per day in the weight room, classroom and on the field. Although the workload is heavy, morale is extremely high and we’re all looking forward to getting on the field for the first official Islanders team practice. Continue reading CBD Journal with Texas A&M Corpus Christi’s Jacob Dorris

CBD Journal with Army’s Alex Jensen (September 22nd)

cbd_journal_jensenNow that the semester is in full swing I figured it was time for another entry. We are already four weeks into classes at West Point and over two weeks into our fall season. This is always a difficult time for college baseball players because there are no official NCAA games and no tournaments. It is a time to work on the little things, earn spots in the starting roster, and get to know the younger guys on the team. I personally welcome the fall for two reasons. One, it is the best time to begin coming together as a team as the foundation for the spring is being laid. Two, it provides an opportunity for guys to compete for a starting spot and show what they have been working on in the offseason. Overall, the fall can be taken as a time-filler or a productive period of growth and improvement. Continue reading CBD Journal with Army’s Alex Jensen (September 22nd)

2014 CBD Journal with Rhode Island’s Tim Caputo (April 22nd)

caputo_journalHello College Baseball Fans,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Sunday! Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and ironically our team experienced something quite similar this past Sunday. In the first two games of the series against George Mason this past weekend, our offense ceased to put up any runs and our bats were cold. In Sundayʼs game however, we scored seven runs on 14 hits – it seemed that our bats had risen from the dead. Our pitching staff has been battling all year and giving us a bunch of quality innings so it was nice to finally put some runs up for them to work with! Continue reading 2014 CBD Journal with Rhode Island’s Tim Caputo (April 22nd)

SoCal Roundup: Rain, Rain Go Away

“Rain! Rain! Go away! Don’t ever come back until baseball season is over.” (or something like that)

Instead of an exciting matchup between USC and Cal Poly or some tripleheader USD Tournament action, all there was to do in Los Angeles tonight was listen and watch games online since everything in Southern California was cancelled on Friday.

There still were some great games played by some SoCal squads. Could James Kaprielian overcome UCLA’s struggling offense? How would Thomas Eshelman respond after struggling his last outing?

We’ve got your quick roundup of all the action, plus photo galleries from around the area:

Continue reading SoCal Roundup: Rain, Rain Go Away

2014 CBD Journal with Ray Ricker (Feb. 10th)

rayricker_journalsHello everyone. It is getting close to that time for all of us who are in love…with baseball. Sure Valentine’s Day is coming up but more importantly (I’m glad my girlfriend doesn’t read this) it’s the start of the college baseball season. All of the hard work recruiting, developing on the field, in the weight room and now it’s time to put on the uniform and play some baseball. I know for the 2014 Post University Eagles we are excited to be on a real field. We have used indoor cages, turf football fields, parking lots, and whatever free space we can find to get ready for our opening day which is also this weekend. We will be headed down to face NE-10 St. Rose in Richmond, Virginia in beautiful 55 degree weather which after all of the snow we have received across New England will seem like beach weather. Continue reading 2014 CBD Journal with Ray Ricker (Feb. 10th)

2014 CBD Journal with Appalachian State’s Ty Zupcic (January 17th)

zupcicjournalHello College Baseball Fans,

There isn’t much to do on a 13-hour car ride back to the mountains of North Carolina. There’s nothing but open road and darkness to trigger deep thoughts and contemplation. It’s times like these when the thoughts we’ve constantly suppressed to the back of our minds seem to surface. Thirteen hours and nothing to do but think, which is something I’ve had a lot of time to do over the past 19 months. Continue reading 2014 CBD Journal with Appalachian State’s Ty Zupcic (January 17th)

2014 CBD Journal with Appalachian State’s Ty Zupcic (December 12th)

zupcicjournalThe first week of December always means the same thing in college – crunch time. It’s that time of the year where everything you have learned for the entire semester comes down to final exams – or if you’re a journalism major like me, final stories – and you see just how well you can handle pressure. Continue reading 2014 CBD Journal with Appalachian State’s Ty Zupcic (December 12th)