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CBD Journal with Tommy Richards (Washington State)

The final Stater code is, “Once a Coug, always a Coug.” And it is the code that the fellow seniors and myself are going to have to live by from now on. Like we knew it would, the day came when the seven of us would have to hand in our jerseys and put a wrap on our college careers, which is still a tough pill to swallow. Continue reading


Ginger Poulson’s Reflection on the 21-inning thriller of the Gary Regional

The Never-ending Baseball Game

Now, as a lover of college baseball who is fortunate enough to have a job covering the sport I love…I am constantly reminded about why I love this game. One thing that constantly reinforces this love is the reality that anything can happen in a baseball game.

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CBD Journal with Drake Browne (May 25th)

Judging by the fact that this is a baseball website, I feel that it is safe to assume that you all have been to your fair share of baseball games. I would also assume that at those games, no matter what was happening on the field, your experience as a spectator was either ruined or significantly enriched by the music that was played during the game. There is no sport that has more downtime than baseball, so even if I am exaggerating a little, it is safe to say that ballpark music is a key element of creating a fun stadium atmosphere. Continue reading


CBD Journal with Western Illinois (May 22nd)

Halfway through the season Coach Villano started sending us video clips and questions to help us understand ourselves and what we were trying to accomplish this season. I will always remember one of the first ones he sent, of a speech by Kirk Cousins of Michigan State. He addressed over and over what a privilege it is to be an athlete and what an honor it is to represent something bigger. I speak for each of my teammates and anyone that competes with Western on their jersey, that it is a privilege to be a Leatherneck. Continue reading


CBD Journal with Western Illinois (May 8th)

Senior Day has now come and gone and we played our last series at Alfred D. Boyer Stadium. It was an exciting moment to see all of the seniors you have grown so close with and be able to share that moment with their friends and families. We had stellar performances from two seniors, Rich Mascheri and Dustin Hunter as both threw complete games, while Rich threw a shutout and Dustin recorded 15 strikeouts. Although this season has not gone as we had planned, there are many great things that will be remembered from this season and three great years with the Purple Army. Continue reading


CBD Journal with Rhode Island’s Mike Le Bel (April 27th)

Hello Again Everyone,

First off, I want to apologize for not being around the past couple of weeks, surgery has put me on the shelf for the season… However, I will be back at it 100 percent for opening day next year. I want to say thank you to my family and teammates who have been more than supportive of me through surgery and inspire me to work as hard as possible through the upcoming months of rehab. Continue reading


CBD Journal with Washington State’s Tommy Richards (April 17th)

We will take this weeks’ Stater code strait from the Ten Commandments (but don’t worry not religiosity in this post). Respect thy Mother and Father. In lieu of moms weekend having just past, I think it is a good idea to mention the true respect that we all have for our superiors, which extends beyond our parents.
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