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Lazer Collazo was LOOKING FOR A JOB NOW

LazerCollazaFollowing yesterday’s announcement that Lazer Collazo was facing charges in regards to Biogensis scandal, College Baseball Daily has received numerous emails from around the country that he was still trying to get back into the college game as he was sending out resumes as recently as June 2014.

Collazo had to know that these charges were going to be filed against him as the investigation has included him from the beginning according to the Miami New-Times.

It is pretty ridiculous that Collazo thought he would be able to get back into College Baseball with these charges flying around him.

The resume is littered with errors like the following:


His references are South Carolina head coach Rey Tanner (Yes, I know he is the AD now), Texas’ Augie Carrido, and Florida State’s Mike Martin. Yes, it is that bad!

Under Points of Discussion, one of the points is just downright comical now.

“4.- Belief in winning – but doing it right with honesty and integrity.”

You can check it out by clicking here.

What do you think about Collazo still trying to get back into collegiate coaching with these charges flying around?

  • jimmy

    Has he been convicted?

  • 30-year coach

    He hasn’t been arrested yet. So, no, he can’t have been convicted.

    In answer to your question, Collazo has about as much chance of getting a D-1 coaching job as an ignorant barfly like you has of being respected by anyone who actually coaches above the high school ranks.

    “Correct”, indeed. What an ignoramus!

  • jimmy

    I thought there was no charges forwarded, so i was surprised to learn of a Conviction?

  • raul

    This idiot use to be my next door neighbor when he was at UM. Use to train three police dogs in front yard with zero regards to neighbors. The worst excuse for a human you could ever imagine. The whole neighborhood was relieved when his wife kicked him out. The guy has like 7 kids with 4 different wives, just a complete ass#! $ e!!!!! Wasn’t surprised he was in hospital separating a dog fight because I witnessed his dogs either fighting each other or other dogs. The jerk thought he was completely above the law because he coached at UM.

    • jimmy

      Holy smokes where do start with that!!! Nightmare . He is a baseball fan? Really? What is UM , u of Miami? … Nice to know this guy coaches kids …. Jesus!!!!!

    • raul

      I wish no harm to anyone including Lazer but again i’m not surprised where hes at right now.
      The arrogance of this guy was just incredible I told him one day I was going to call the police after his dogs cornered a poor woman with her poodle and his quote was ” call who ever you want I coach at UM I know every cop” and let me tell you Jimmy I have never posted anything on anybody ever and this doesn’t mean he’s guilty of whats accused however I would never want my son or daughter to be coached by this bozo.

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