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Fullerton’s Vanderhook Suspension Documents and Videos released has acquired the documents and videos in regards to Rick Vanderhook’s suspension from April 17th. The videos are extremely disturbing while the documents include some very interesting punishment for players. One of the punishments is detailed below.

The report also chides Vanderhook for using a punishment technique known as “Dipper Dan,” which involves players being locked in a port-a-potty when they forget to communicate with teammates on fly balls. According to the report, players are sent into the port-a-potty and forced to yell, “Ball, ball, ball!” until the coach tells him to come out. The report states that this punishment usually lasts between 20 seconds and two minutes, but that one player was alleged to have been locked in the port-a-potty for 40 minutes. The university’s investigators could not corroborate that story, though, and the player who was supposedly sent in for 40 minutes told them he was only inside for only two minutes.

You can check out the documents below.

Gawker Media PRA Documents_Redacted

Videos are available by clicking here.

If true that Vanderhook locked players in a port-a-potty for even two minutes, it is stunning that Fullerton kept this guy as the leader of their baseball program.

What do you think?

  • Really embarrassing performance here by Cal State Fullerton to keep a coach on staff that is calling his players stupid consistently and the amount of swearing in this is embarrassing.

  • Bill Go

    Hey, if it eliminates a collision, I like it!

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