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Washington Tyler Davis helps with Rise of Program

Tyler Davis has been the Washington Huskies best pitcher this season with a 10-1 overall record and a 1.77 ERA in 14 appearances (12 starts).

Both had to overcome preconceptions about their size and appearance. Lincecum was deemed too scrawny to hold up to the rigors of pitching, but he parlayed his brilliant Husky career into major-league stardom.

“I kind of was like, ‘You know what, this guy is 5-10, 5-9, and he’s doing everything he’s doing right now, and no one else is doing what he’s doing,’ ” Davis said. “So obviously, this is something I can do, him being as big as he is.”

Davis paused, smiled and added the necessary addendum: “Obviously, Lincecum has a little different skillset than I do. It helped that he threw 95-plus.”

The bespectacled, redheaded Davis, who stands 5 feet 10 and is listed, generously, at 180 pounds, not only is at ease with the fact that he doesn’t fit the physical blueprint of a formidable pitcher. There’s also the fact that he has hit 90 mph “maybe one time in his life,” as UW coach Lindsay Meggs said Wednesday.

But Meggs was speaking in admiration about a guy he called “a thinking man’s pitcher.” And one who in this magical Washington season has achieved success not seen in the program since, well, Lincecum.

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