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Valpo’s Trevor Haas taking Nothing for Granted

HaasValparaiso’s Trevor Haas has had a solid season with the Crusaders as he is now 2-2 with a 3.69 ERA but has overcome a major obstacle. 

Haas, now a sophomore with the Crusaders, had a blood clot in his shoulder that caused significant swelling of his arm. He was shuffled from hospital to hospital throughout the summer, even spending a week in an intensive care unit.

Haas had part of his rib removed in early August. He was then released from the hospital, but the struggle had not yet concluded.

“I came out and I couldn’t do anything,” Haas said. “I was on blood thinners, I couldn’t do any sports, because if I got hit, I would bruise and bleed, so it was pretty scary.”

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