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Outfielder Vahn Bozoian No Longer At USC

Needing to finish strong down the stretch to potentially gain its first postseason berth since 2005, the USC baseball team just did some losing.

The Trojans lost their top source of power as Vahn Bozoian is no longer enrolled at the University of Southern California after being dismissed for a student disciplinary issue.

A jovial giant on the field, the 6-foot-5, 210-pound Bozoian led the team with three home runs, but he also was second on the team with 26 strikeouts despite starting less than 75 percent of USC games. Bozoian was hitting .269 with 13 RBI in 30 starts. He did not play over the weekend as the Trojans lost a road series at Washington State.

USC head coach Dan Hubbs released the following statement through the school’s sports information department:

“I’m aware of the situation, but because it was not an issue handled by Athletics I am not involved.  This was a student conduct matter that was handled through our university’s student disciplinary process, so I am not in a position to say anything more.”

Not knowing the severity of the infraction, I asked the school’s Assistant Vice President of Media Relations, Carl Marziali, if the school has the option of allowing a student to remain in school, but not allowing the student to represent the school in extracurricular activities.

Marziali could not answer the question but referred me to USC’s Student Code of Conduct, which does have an ambiguous “Other Sanctions” section at the very end. It leaves open the potential for that option: “Other sanctions may be imposed instead of or in addition to those specified in the above list.”

Instead, Bozoian is no longer at the university at this time.

  • Jimmy

    How bad could it have been? Could u please do a f/u story? More info if needed. This is a very harsh penalty!!!!

    • joshC

      Well considering the fact that most drug related offenses result in game suspensions, this was obviously a far more serious offense.

  • Jimmy

    We need more information other than the ace is gone!!! Please!

    • We have been investigating the issue but haven’t been able to find anything yet

  • Jimmy

    To get ejected from school ??? This kid had talent both at school and on the field. Nice kid . A big figure . What the heck could one do, to get ejected from school and your future. Who is representing him ? This is the kids university and future … Ejected from school? Can’t imagine …
    I hope he has proper representation …

    • Anon

      I hope your mom gets ejected for sleeping with the guy!!!!

  • Jimmy

    Phone the coach direct …. His comments come from the media department. USC should be more forthright . I hope the kid is doing fine . What the heck happened to get ejected from USC? I just feel there is more to the story here. Find out if the family wants to make a statement ? This kid was well liked and talented. The the heck?

    • James

      The guy is a douche bag and is hated. He is an awful person and deserves to be expelled. What he did was horrifying and I’m glad to see him gone! He is an embarrassment to the male population!

      • Jimmy

        So we have a rel demon here? Can’t say… I don’t know what happend . What the heck happened? Your story is so different than the feedback I’ve got!!

        • Joe

          I doubt James knows him because anybody who knows Vahn wouldn’t say that. I know him quite well. Long story, but USC, thanks to Title IX, is making an example of him. If he played football for USC this wouldn’t be a story at all. Read up on some of the similar issues athletes have faced in other schools. USC is a joke. Good for him to move on to Concordia (NOT an online school). He will have a coach that will let him swing the bat the way he wants now anyway instead of someone trying to change him from being a power hitter.

          • Sheril Alexandra Samantha

            Well isn’t it nice to see that an even bigger bozo has now checked in…. the only thing he knows about being a Trojan was to wear one on camera… Won’t it be interesting when the Lutheran based Concordia does their full investigation. Can’t imagine a university that prides itself as a religious community would want those character flaws around…. by the way, 3 home runs is hardly a power hitting team player (notice no “I” in team)

  • Jimmy

    No facts . Just people muttering nasty stuff. Where are the facts me story?

  • Lou

    It appears the dingleberry falls not far from the sh*t tree!

  • Quinton


    • Trojan Tommy-Gun

      Hogwash! If that were the case why are there no criminal charges? I mean it’s not like his dad is an undersheriff or anything!

  • FredG

    Kids…here is a prime example of what NOT to do if you hope to have a future as a baseball player. One moment this kid lives a promising career studying and playing at a great school, now he’s playing ball for the “Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks” and going to school at Concordia University in Irvine (an online school). Pretty sad IMO!

    • Nothing wrong with that plenty of guys have made MLB after poor choices in college! Lonnie Chisenhall is a great example

  • Sam

    For everyone wondering what occurred, in his freshman year, Vahn video taped himself having sex with a woman without her consent. Another member of the team has been released as he was the video taper. They then proceeded to edit the video and play it for the baseball team in the “clubhouse.” All claims that he was unaware of the video are false. You are looking for proof? Well as stupid as these boys appear, they were smart enough to delete the video after the incident. There are well over 30 people who have witnessed enough of this video to provide the proof you desire.

  • Chloe

    So Vahn made a sex tape, showed it to all his frat bros and was thus expelled from USC and is now attending Concordia University in Irvine? The irony of the nickname Bozo. That’s embarrassing.

  • Rick

    The girl just filed a huge lawsuit against him. He better hope he does make it to the major leagues because she can get millions of dollars in damages.

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  • Student

    I know this happened a while ago, but I’ve recently met the kid and have had the opportunity to converse and get to know him at a distance. I know the story and allegations, and I am not saying to cut him any slack, for doing what he did, the consequences were there and was ejected from USC, which would seem as plausible punishment for his actions, however the demeaning and unnecessary comments, especially from adults, does not make anyone better than him, mistakes are made and egos are high, but at the end of the day, I’m sure the kid learned his lesson especially having to go from school to school to make things work for him especially with baseball. Give the guy some decency to not only leave him alone, but to recognize he isn’t the only one that has made big mistakes.

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