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The 2014 College Baseball season is starting to hit its stretch run as we start to look forward to what the 2014 NCAA Baseball Tournament will look like. These are our latest look at the projections at what the tournament bracket will look like if the tournament started today. All questions and comments can be discussed in the section below the post.

1. Virginia * (1)
2. Old Dominion
3. Nebraska
4. Army *
1. Kentucky
2. Oregon
3. Maryland
4. St. John’s *
1. Oregon State * (8)
2. UNLV *
3. Arkansas
4. South Dakota State *
1. Texas
2. Cal Poly
3. Arizona State
4. William & Mary *
1. Vanderbilt (5)
2. Oklahoma State
3. Bryant *
4. Ball State *
1. TCU *
2. Washington
3. Dallas Baptist
4. Western Carolina *
1. Indiana * (4)
2. Indiana State*
3. New Mexico
4. Wright State *
1. Ole Miss
2. West Virginia
3. Georgia Tech
4. SEMO *
1. Florida State (3)
2. Tennessee
3. Florida International
4. Columbia *
1. South Carolina
2. Liberty *
3. Clemson
4. Canisius *
1. Louisiana * (6)
2. Alabama
3. Sam Houston State *
4. Alabama State *
1. LSU
2. UC Irvine *
3. Kansas
4. Stony Brook *
1. Rice * (7)
2. Texas A&M
3. Pepperdine *
4. Sacramento State *
1. Houston
2. Texas Tech
3. Mississippi State
4. St. Joseph’s *
1. Florida * (2)
2. Mercer *
3. Central Florida
4. Delaware State *
1. Louisville *
2. Miami
3. Stanford
4. Arkansas State


Conference Projected Champ
America East Stony Brook
American Athletic Conference Louisville
Atlantic 10 St. Joseph’s
ACC Virginia
Atlantic Sun Mercer
Big 10 Indiana
Big 12 TCU
Big East St. John’s
Big South Liberty
Big West UC Irvine
CAA William & Mary
Conference USA Rice
Horizon League Wright State
Ivy League Columbia
MAAC Canisius
MAC Ball State
MEAC Delaware State
Missouri Valley Indiana State
Mountain West UNLV
Northeast Conference Bryant
Ohio Valley Conference SEMO
Pac-12 Oregon State
Patriot League Army
SEC Florida
Southern Conference Western Carolina
Southland Conference Sam Houston State
SWAC Alabama State
Summit League South Dakota State
Sun Belt Louisiana
West Coast Conference Pepperdine
WAC Sacramento State


In: Arkansas, Arkansas State, Florida International, Kansas, St. John’s, St. Joseph’s, Stanford, UC Irvine
Out: Auburn, High Point, Illinois State, North Carolina, Southern Cal, UC Santa Barbara, VCU, Xavier

  • Jay Norris

    Mississippi State a 3 seed, get real

    • A team with two losses to a Patriot League team that didn’t get into the conference tourney should be sitting at home!

      • Jay Norris

        You think Mississippi state should be sitting at home

        • Mississippi state lost two games to lowly Holy Cross while having an RPI of 39 above even NEC member Bryant….no argument that MSU is close to not being in the tourney at all…

          • Jay Norris

            You’re crazy. They still can win the sec west

          • Yes they can what does that have to do with the terrible ooc that is killing their at large resume right now?

          • Jay Norris

            I hope you are right, and it pisses the team off; see you in Omaha

  • Jay Norris

    After state sweeps Tennessee, I’d love to see them even get into the tournament

  • Jay Norris

    Kentucky a 1 seed? These projections are a joke

    • Kentucky is 14th in RPI tough to deny them…

      • Jake Fletcher

        You guys are showing how little experience you have with this. A team that is tied for 10th place in its conference will never host a regional. Ever.

        • I have predicted the regional hosts correctly in the preseason at a 75 percent…I have a lot more experience in doing college baseball coverage than you! Been doing this a long freaking time!

          • Jake Fletcher

            You don’t even know who I am, so careful with the blind assumptions. Let’s play it like this: I can show you teams that had top-16 RPI’s that didn’t host because of their conference record. Can you show me a 10th place team that has hosted? Thanks in advance.

          • You don’t know who I am either..don’t come on here spewing crap if you don’t want to be civil. Mercer is not getting into the top 16…

          • Jake Fletcher

            Of course I know who you are. You are Brian Foley and you think that a 10th place team would be selected as a host. That is obviously wrong. Sorry to be the one to call you out. Maybe tell Josh not to blindly follow the RPI. And Mercer might not get into the top 16, but the certainly can mathematically.

          • Based on RPI, Kentucky is in the conversation to be a host…two more weekends and we will see what happens

          • Jake Fletcher

            This page clearly states “if the tournament started today”. Kentucky would not be a host with that resume. It just cheapens the credibility of the site.

          • If you don’t agree with Josh’s projections, that is fine but to continue to bash them every week brings nothing to the table.

          • Jake Fletcher

            Then turn off the comment section. Or work with Josh so the projections have some basis in reality. It’s fun to debate who should host out of Miami and Louisville. It’s silly to have to point out that Kentucky has no shot of hosting.

  • Jay Norris

    Florida lost two midweek to Jaclsonville and Florida a@m. Guess we should leave them out 2

  • Pokefan

    What will it take for Oklahoma State to host a regional? They are on track to win the Big 12, and won series against two teams this projection has hosting regionals — TCU and Texas.

  • Craig Folsom

    Washington will most likely win the Pac12, not Oregon State. They have won all eight series with three sweeps. They will go into Corvalis tied next week, win their ninth series and the Pac12. That is the most likely Scenario.

    • Fanny Vang-Foster

      Go into Goss and win series? Are u Kidding me? Washington has no experience in big time situations!!! They will fold under pressure and might and I mean might host a regional. Typical Husky fan that has no clue what they are talking about!!! Have fun with Wetzler,then Moore, and then to end the weekend the best pitcher in the country in Jace Fry!!!

      • Craig Folsom

        I am a Husky fan, but mostly of West Coast college baseball (UW under and UCSB grad school). I came into the season with no expectation for the Huskies, but slowly developed the realization that this is a very good team. They have won every three game series, in and out of conference, with five sweeps. I am however a little less confident after watching the first two OSU UCLA games.

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  • Thomas

    Where do you have Illinois State playing? Did you make a mistake and intend to have Indiana State as automatic bid?

    • I will have @disqus_uxvKZHvb29:disqus answer that…but according to what I read above, it has Indiana State winning the MVC. Looks to me that Evansville is the top team according to the standings.

  • Bob

    You have Kentucky hosting at 10-14 in conference and Miss St a 3 seed at 14-10 in the SEC . Highly unlikely scenarios. Both will be 2 seeds

  • simsropp

    Mercer just beat Florida 4-2…..they run the table..they’ll be a gaudy 42-11…with games left in asun champ….could they host?

    • According to Boyd’s world, there is no chance they can get into the top 16….going to be a tough out…
      Brian Foley
      Sent from my iPad

      • Jake Fletcher

        LMAO. People still look at that needs report? Mercer could be in the top 16 by midnight on Friday if they win and the four teams in front of them lose. That’s how useless that report is.

        • Not true…Boyd’s world agrees with us

          • Jake Fletcher

            Maybe you misunderstood me. The Boyd’s World RPI Needs Report is a joke. It says that #10 TCU can’t get into the top 8, when anyone who understands the RPI knows that TCU will be #8 with one win and one loss by Houston and Vandy. Seriously, even Boyd himself says not to take that report as gospel.

          • We will see but the RPI looks at the whole year not just one single game

  • Fomous Lameis

    You don’t have Miami even hosting a regional right now? Most projections are saying they are on the cusp of a national seed. Explain please…

    • Miami was outside the top 16 when we did the projections

      • Fomous Lameis

        Thanks for the prompt reply, but what poll(s) are you going by? The only two polls that matter in college baseball are; Baseball America & Collegiate Baseball where Miami has been ranked in the top 10 for the past two weeks (well before this was written). Just curious… Thanks.

        • Actually, no polls matter in college baseball…only thing that the ncaa uses is rpi to help seed teams

  • saculkjr

    I am looking at your predictions of Rice VS University of Houston and do not understand your predictions. UH has played RIce 2 times so far and are 2-0. Houston has a better overall record more wins, less losses, better ERA (top in the country) As for RPI, Rice is 1 spot ahead of UH and this is only due to polls having RIce ahead of UH. How would Rice deserve a protected seed over UH. Please help. Thanks

    • Rice plays in a slightly better conference

      • saculkjr

        What do you think UH has to do the rest of the season to host a regional and or earn a protected seed? RPI has been top 10 most of the year.

  • Mike

    I am taking your projections as all top seeds are the host. With that how is Cal Poly coming to Austin?

    • Cal-Poly’s rpi has tumbled that is how

      Brian Foley
      Sent from my iPad

  • Guest

    St Johns one of last teams in but has them as automatic in Big East?

    Bryant a #3 seed and Arkansas St and Western Carolina #4 seeds. A 3 seed means they would have gotten at large if didn’t win automatic. Only thing Bryant has going for them is somehow they have good RPI. Similar to High Pt their RPI shouldn’t matter cause they have no where even remotely close to at large resume. Only way Bryant is getting in is winning their tourney. Playing mostly road games should not get you an at large.

    If committee somehow put them in if they do lose that would rank right up their with leaving Campbell out last year with a 49-10 record and playing in Big South.

    • Bryant right now would get an at large…in two weeks, I doubt it

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