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Washington State’s Donnie Marbut suspended 6 Games

DonnieMarbutWashingtonState_thumb.jpgWashington State head coach Donnie Marbut has been suspended for six games for allegedly “spraying” an umpire during the Cougars loss to Oregon on Friday night. Marbut has already served two games this week and will miss this weekend’s set against intrastate rival Washington.

Donnie has denied the allegations to CBD that he “sprayed” an umpire during the game. He states “I don’t know what spraying even means. I was suspended for something that has no definition.”

The Pac-12 does not have an appeal process so Marbut will have to serve the entire length of the suspension. Gregg Swenson will serve as the acting head coach while Marbut serves his suspension.

  • Billy B

    He says he doesn’t know what spraying is, but yet the NCAA sent a video to all coaches saying that spraying an ump (and making contact, for that matter) would be emphasized this season.

    The term spraying is also in the NCAA baseball rule book and is specifically addressed.

    Either he didn’t read/watch that advisory from the NCAA or he’s lying. (Guess which one!)

    • It isn’t specifically addressed in the rule book…just pulled up the 2014 rule book and it is just listed as abuse of the umpire…Page 53 here.

      “Physical Abuse of Game Officials or Umpires—Any threat of physical
      intimidation or harm to include pushing, shoving, contact, kicking dirt on an
      umpire, spitting, spraying, throwing at or attempting to make physical contact. ”

      That is the only reference in the entire rulebook to spraying. You can send me the video about spraying an umpire.

      • Billy B.

        I can’t send the video … the NCAA might, though, if you asked them to. They’re the ones that made it.

        I’d say it is specifically addressed in that it’s specifically listed as a form of abuse. They didn’t mention lots of other things a coach might do to an umpire, but they did specifically mention “spraying”.

        Regardless, he knows what the definition of the word is, don’t you think? Seems a little disingenuous that he says he doesn’t even know what the term means.

        • Oh, I bet he does but I just quoted him for what he said!

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