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2014 NCAA Regional Projections (April 15th)

The 2014 College Baseball season is in full swing but it is never too early to take a look at the 2014 NCAA Baseball Tournament. These are our latest look at the projections at what the tournament bracket will look like if the tournament started today. All questions and comments can be discussed in the section below the post.

1. Virginia * (1)
2. VCU *
3. Old Dominion
4. Army *

1. Alabama
2. Indiana *
3. Central Florida
4. UAB

1. Washington * (8)
2. UNLV *
3. UC Irvine
4. South Dakota State *

1. Louisville *
2. Kentucky
3. Illinois State
4. Xavier *

1. South Carolina * (5)
2. Clemson
3. Western Carolina *
4. Stony Brook *

1. Oregon State
2. Cal State Fullerton
3. Maryland
4. Canisius *

1. Texas * (4)
2. Dallas Baptist *
3. Nebraska
4. Ball State *

1. Rice *
2. Pepperdine
3. Arkansas
4. Sam Houston State *

1. Florida State (3)
2. Vanderbilt
3. Mercer *
4. Bethune-Cookman *

1. Florida
2. Miami
3. Florida International
4. Bryant *

1. Louisiana * (6)
2. Liberty
3. Mississippi State
4. Wright State *

1. Ole Miss
2. Texas Tech
3. Georgia Tech
4. SEMO *

1. LSU (7)
2. Oklahoma State
3. Indiana State
4. Alabama State *

1. Houston
2. Arizona State
3. Tennessee
4. William & Mary *

1. Cal Poly * (2)
3. San Diego *
4. Sacramento State *

1. Oregon
2. UC Santa Barbara
3. Oklahoma
4. Penn *



Projected Champ

America East

Stony Brook

American Athletic Conference


Atlantic 10



Florida State

Atlantic Sun


Big 10


Big 12


Big East


Big South


Big West

Cal Poly


William & Mary

Conference USA


Horizon League

Wright State

Ivy League





Ball State



Missouri Valley

Dallas Baptist

Mountain West


Northeast Conference


Ohio Valley Conference




Patriot League



South Carolina

Southern Conference

Western Carolina

Southland Conference

Sam Houston State


Alabama State

Summit League

South Dakota State

Sun Belt


West Coast Conference

San Diego


Sacramento State

In: Central Florida, Florida International, Georgia Tech, Nebraska, Stony Brook

Out: Hartford, Kansas, NC State, San Diego State, West Virginia

  • David

    how is LSU projected as a national seed over Ole Miss? Ole Miss has the higher rpi and just ahead of them in the S.E.C

    • Jake Fletcher

      It’s because the “writers” on this site refer to the human polls instead of the RPI and its related data. The whole world knows that Ole Miss is an absolute lock for a national seed right now. So is Houston and so is Florida. But not on this site. It’s almost like this site is doing a parody projection instead of a real one.

      • Jake’s Dad

        RPI is the absolute worst thing that ever happened to college baseball!

        RPI rewards teams for beating Stetson, Tenneesee-Martin, Arkansas-Pine Bluff and Murray State.

        RPI makes idiots ignore the make up of a team and focus on a flawed metric.

        RPI should never replace the “eye ball” test, which scouts and writers are trained and paid to provide.

        Jake Fletcher’s RPI would be about 293. More importantly, his Baseball IQ is about 39. But, I hear he is “An excellent driver”.

        • Jake Fletcher

          Yet another person who doesn’t understand computer metrics. Yeah, let’s find that scout who has seen all 302 teams. We’re sorry that LSU’s RPI sucks. Play a tougher schedule. Yale, Purdue, and New Orleans? Way to challenge yourselves.

          • Geaux Tigers

            So you admit it? You clearly do not know how RPI works. It’s nice to see you admit it (even though you are not smart enough to see your own confession).

            LSU’s RPI “sucks”? Really? That is your opinion? LOL. what an idiot! You brag about Old Mrs’s RPI of 4, then belittle LSU’s RPI of 14? Fool!

            You insult LSU’s schedule, even though it is quite similar to that of Old Mrs. Stupid and a hypocrite. You do realize that LSU beat Old Mrs, right? In fact, that series was AT Old Mrs. So, if LSU “sucks”, then certainly Old Mrs “sucks” more.

            Old Mrs, LSU and the entire SEC has inflated RPIs, due to the weak pre-conference games they schedule. Remember? You just pointed this out. I love how you insult LSU, not realizing the Old Mrs is guilty of the exact same things. But, at least LSU has some hardware to show for their efforts. Does Old Mrs have a National Championship in ANY sport, this century?

          • Jake Fletcher

            I’m not an Ole Miss fan, so you look dumber every time you post. Both of your schools are white trash, so don’t drag me into that pissing match. Back to baseball, Ole Miss has the better resume as used by the selection committee. Sorry you can’t accept that. Maybe try to avoid getting it up the ass by Florida next year.

          • Jake’s Dad

            RPI is horrible, because it can be manipulated via scheduling. SEC/ACC clowns love RPI because they manipulate it to increase conference bids. You are a clown. You talk RPI, but ignore ISR and NPI. Those metrics are flawed, too. But, they are better than RPI.

            A system that can be manipulated is bad for baseball and should be abolished. RPI’s days are numbered. Are yours?

            Son, you are embarrassing the family and the program. I brought you into this world. Don’t make me take you out.

          • Jake Fletcher

            Ole Miss leads LSU in RPI, NPI, and ISR, so it doesn’t matter which one is better. You are looking up at them in every measurable way. Maybe it’s time to accept that.

      • Geaux Tigers

        Swept at home vs. Louisville, Houston?
        6-7 vs. top 50 RPI, Houston?
        4-7 vs. top 50 NPI, Houston?

        Didn’t LSU win the series AT Ole Miss?

        • Jake Fletcher

          Head to head is a tie-breaker. LSU and Ole Miss aren’t tied. Sorry about your luck.

          • Geaux Tigers

            You clearly have no idea how the selection committee works. You sound dumber with each comment you make.

            Set aside your bias for a moment and see that LSU and Ugly Miss have virtually identical resumes. But, the did play head to head, didn’t they. If you had any sense of history, you would know that that h
            ROAD SERIES WIN vs you man crush is a stronger factor than the small RPI differential or who wins the division. Don’t believe me. Do some research. Or ask the experts that you insult on this site.

            You don’t know what you don’t know and that is worse than being stupid. You are uninformed, ignorant AND stupid.

            Obviously, you are not used to having you team win a few games. Ordinarily, I would excuse your bafoonary. But, you talk too much. So, I am on you know, Bozo.

        • Jake Fletcher

          Did you really just bring up the Nolan Power Index? LMFAO.

  • J Artiglire

    Not sure why they’re in love with Louisville. RPI of 32 and second place in a mediocre conference.

  • Jonny

    I hear UAPB is going to make a run in the SWAC

  • Phil

    Miami not hosting a regional?? Come on

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