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The 2014 College Baseball season is in full swing but it is never too early to take a look at the 2014 NCAA Baseball Tournament. These are our latest look at the projections at what the tournament bracket will look like when it is announced on Memorial Day. All questions and comments can be discussed in the section below the post.

1. South Carolina * (1)
2. Clemson
3. Western Carolina
4. Bryant *

1. North Carolina *
2. College of Charleston *
3. Seton Hall
4. Liberty *

1. Cal Poly * (8)
2. UNLV *
3. TCU
4. Sacramento State *

2. UC Santa Barbara
3. Pepperdine
4. Kent State *

1. Oregon State * (5)
2. Oklahoma State
3. Arkansas
4. South Dakota State *

1. Cal State Fullerton
2. San Diego *
3. Washington
4. Columbia *

1. Virginia (4)
2. Tennessee
3. Wichita State *
4. VCU *

1. Ole Miss
2. Houston
3. UAB
4. Mercer *

1. Vanderbilt (3)
2. Miami
3. Texas Tech
4. Tennessee Tech *

1. NC State
2. Alabama
3. Indiana State
4. Army *

1. LSU (6)
2. Sam Houston State
3. Kansas
4. Bethune Cookman *

1. Louisiana-Lafayette *
2. Rice *
3. Florida
4. Canisius

1. Louisville * (7)
2. Indiana *
3. Kentucky
4. Valparaiso *

1. Texas *
2. Florida Atlantic
3. Texas A&M
4. Dallas Baptist

1. Florida State * (2)
2. Oklahoma
3. Florida International
4. Alabama State *

1. Oregon
2. Mississippi State
3. Fresno State
4. Binghamton *



Projected Champ

America East


American Athletic Conference


Atlantic 10



Florida State

Atlantic Sun


Big 10


Big 12


Big East

Seton Hall

Big South


Big West

Cal Poly


College of Charleston

Conference USA


Horizon League


Ivy League





Kent State



Missouri Valley

Wichita State

Mountain West


Northeast Conference


Ohio Valley Conference

Tennessee Tech


Oregon State

Patriot League



South Carolina

Southern Conference

Western Carolina

Southland Conference

Sam Houston State


Alabama State

Summit League

South Dakota State

Sun Belt


West Coast Conference

San Diego


Sacramento State


In: Florida, Kansas, Liberty, UAB, Binghamton, Washington

Out: Arizona State, Binghamton, Cal, Campbell, Memphis, San Francisco

  • TruthSerum

    You clearly aren’t using RPI, are you just assigning regional hosts to your favorite teams? For instance:
    Cal Poly is 17-3 with the number 30 RPI, 14 ISR and 146 SoS
    Houston is 15-3 with the number 2 RPI, 1 ISR, and 28 SoS
    You have Cal Poly as a national seed and Houston not even hosting a regional. Really? You should predict on performance and not on what you hope will occur the rest of the season! You don’t understand how hosts are assigned.

    The fact that no one else ever comments on your predictions probably indicates everyone else already knows it is fantasy. I’m just nice enough to let you know why you aren’t getting any attention with this fiction.

    • Houston RPI will not be top 16 with the conference they play in!

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

      • TruthSerum

        My point exactly. Cal Poly must be seeded in your analysis based on where you think they are now and UH on where they will finish. Cal Poly is an equally poor conference and will not improve on its strength of schedule which is already embarrassing. At least UH supplements its conference schedule with Rice, Texas, TCU, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Sam Houston State. You are not using the same criteria for all colleges.

        Cal Poly RPI isn’t near top 8 now, not even top 16. If “Houston RPI will not be in top 16 with the conference they play in” then you are implying (or at least your readers are inferring) that you believe Cal Poly will be near the top with the conference they play in. This is a stretch.

        • The top team from the Big West has historically gotten a number 1 seed in the regionals. I take Fullerton, Irvine, and Cal Poly in the Big West over anything that Houston plays in a watered down AAC.

          Brian Foley
          Editor of College Baseball Daily
          Twitter: @BFoley82|@CB_Daily

      • Turd Ferguson

        According to Boyd’s site, UH needs to go 22-11 to finish the year to get into the top 16 of the RPI. That certainly is doable for a team that is 19-4.

  • Christopher Kelley

    If CofC end up being a 2 seed, there is no way the CAA only gets 1 bid. They received 3 last year.

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