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A Call to Action to Save Air Force Baseball

As we have been reporting, the Air Force Baseball program is on the verge of being cut by the Air Force Academy. An Air Force freshman has posted a “Call to Action to save Baseball at USAFA.” It reads the following:

This article is a CALL to ACTION NOW:
I have to stay low key about this personally but we NEED YOUR HELP but please DON’T mention my name.
Budget cuts are forcing a decision March 4th whether to cut baseball at USAFA and this decision could have a ripple effect on baseball programs at other academies and colleges as well so BASEBALL PEOPLE need to be heard by the key people mentioned below .
Please share this message in your own words WITHOUT my name attached to both your BASEBALL FRIENDS and the key people mentioned below at USAFA in charge of budget decisions and have your colleagues send “POSITIVE” messages why baseball should be saved at USAFA who have difficult cuts to make but we ask that it should NOT be to the baseball program:
Lt General Michelle D. Johnson, Superintendent at USAFA:
Athletic Director Dr. Hans Mueh:
James R. Passaro,
Director, Defense Space Programs:

Key Talking Points are:
Baseball embodies what the academies are all about by teaching discipline, patience, perseverance, focus and attention to detail, as greatness in baseball is defined by having success only 30% of the time.
Baseball is America’s great pastime and a symbol of pride for not only our country, but the military and USAFA
Baseball has helped develop many great leaders including Ted Williams
Baseball teaches how to handle adversity under pressure.
Hitting a 90 MPH fastball with movement and fielding the ball defensively are hand-eye skills that Pilots can benefit from.
Baseball is good ambassador for our country, the military and USAFA with their community service on road trips and honoring veterans.

The more that I see stuff like this on social media, the more likely that I think the talks about Air Force eliminating the sport are serious.

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