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Air Force Baseball on the Chopping Block?

AirForceSchedule_thumb.jpgAfter yesterday’s news that the Temple baseball team will not return, news comes out of Colorado Springs that the Air Force Academy atheltic department is facing major budgets cuts for the 2015 fiscal year. The sports that could be cut by the Academy are Baseball, Women’s gymnastics, Men’s lacrosse, and Boxing. Several groups for each sport are rounding up support for their respective program as the news could drop as soon as March 4th.

The Academy released the following statement on the news:

We are in the midst of working the FY ’15 budget and it would only be speculation on what that budget may look like. As soon as those decisions are made and the president’s budget is finalized and released, we’ll make those details known. It’s too early to speculate on what, if anything, may or may not be cut due to budget considerations.

While any decision on budget cuts at USAFA are not yet finalized, the academy will continue to produce leaders who are exceptionally well prepared to lead in a complex, challenging, technically sophisticated and ever-changing geopolitical environment.

We are experiencing unprecedented budget challenges over the next several years and have to make some very difficult decisions. The Air Force’s Academy will continue to offer a broad spectrum of academic, athletic, airmanship and military programs unlike any other commissioning source. The academy will implement a resource-constrained strategy focused on those cadet activities that have the highest priority to prepare our graduates to lead airmen.

Competition enhances cadet’s determination, demands commitment and teaches life lessons that build skills and resiliency while shaping cadets into more capable leaders.

You can check out the full article written by The Gazette is available here.



  • Army just announced on Monday that they will be adding Women’s Lacrosse.

  • Jimmy

    Can’t think of a world w/o airforce baseball . Men’s Baseball is under attack!!! The MLB better do something about this , along with other groups.

    • In my area of the country, more kids are playing lacrosse at the youth level
      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

  • The man

    That’s cause West Point is a real Military Academy.

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