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2014 CBD Top 100 Players Countdown

2014 CBD Top 100 Players Countdown

top100_14Here is College Baseball Daily’s annual look at the top players in college baseball. The list is based on personal observations from CBD Editor Brian Foley, CBD Assistant Editor Kate Moser and many other writers. We have also used many prospect lists from around the country to help out with our rankings. When possible, we have included videos so our readers can get a glimpse of the player in action. Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section of each post and if you want to discuss the entire list use the section below.

1. Carlos Rodon (NC State)
2. Jeff Hoffman (East Carolina)
3. Trea Turner (NC State)
4. Tyler Beede (Vanderbilt)
5. Ian Happ (Cincinnati)
6. Sean Newcomb (Hartford)
7. Kyle Schwarber (Indiana)
8. Thomas Eshelman (Cal State Fullerton)
9. Kyle Freeland (Evansville)
10. Max Pentecost (Kennesaw State)
11. Nick Burdi (Louisville)
12. Aaron Nola (LSU)
13. Michael Conforto (Oregon State)
14. Grayson Greiner (South Carolina)
15. Brandon Finnegan (TCU)
16. Alex Bregman (LSU)
17. Ben Wentzler (Oregon State)
18. Bradley Zimmer (San Francisco)
19. David Berg (UCLA)
20. Erick Fedde (UNLV)
21. James Kaprielian (UCLA)
22. Ryan Burr (Arizona State)
23. Michael Cederoth (San Diego State)
24. Matthew Troupe (Arizona)
25. JD Davis (Cal State Fullerton)
26. Austin Cousino (Kentucky)
27. Brett Graves (Missouri)
28. Chad Sobotka (USC-Upstate)
29. Kevin Cron (TCU)
30. Kyle Twomey (USC)
31. Karsten Whitson (Florida)
32. DJ Stewart (Florida State)
33. Ross Kivett (Kansas State)
34. Derek Fisher (Virginia)
35. Scott Squier (Hawaii)
36. Brian Anderson (Arkansas)
37. Justin Garza (Cal State Fullerton)
38. Luke Weaver (Florida State)
39. Wes Rea (Mississippi State)
40. Skyler Ewing (Rice)
41. Alex Blandino (Stanford)
42. AJ Simcox (Tennessee)
43. Matt Imhof (Cal Poly)
44. Hunter Cole (Georgia)
45. Kyle Funkhouser (Louisville)
46. Skye Bolt (North Carolina)
47. Taylor Sparks (UC-Irvine)
48. Kyle Wilcox (Bryant)
49. Nathan Kirby (Virginia)
50. Casey Gillaspie (Wichita State)
51. Ben Smith (Coastal Carolina)
52. Colin Poche (Arkansas)
53. Jonathan Holder (Mississippi State)
54. Ross Mitchell (Mississippi State)
55. Branden Cogswell (Virginia)
56. Sam Coonrod (Southern Illinois)
57. Patrick Mazeika (Stetson)
58. Adam Dian (Temple)
59. Mike Papi (Virginia)
60. Kevin Newman (Arizona)
61. Christin Stewart (Tennessee)
62. Tate Matheny (Missouri State)
63. Sam Travis (Indiana)
64. Kyle Overstreet (Alabama)
65. Matt Chapman (Cal State Fullerton)
66. Ashton Perritt (Liberty)
67. Chesny Young (Mercer)
68. Dylan Davis (Oregon State)
69. Jameson Fisher (SE Louisiana)
70. Dylan Hecht (UC Santa Barbara)
71. Mitchell Aker (William and Mary)
72. Gio Brusa (Pacific)
73. Cody Poteet (UCLA)
74. Rhett Wiseman (Vanderbilt)
75. John Tuttle (Catawba)
76. Mike Urbanski (Binghamton)
77. Garrett Mundell (Fresno State)
78. Blake Trahan (Louisiana)
79. Cam Gibson (Michigan State)
80. Alex Real (New Mexico)
81. Sutter McLoughlin (Sacramento State)
82. Lukas Schiraldi (Texas)
83. Trent Thornton (North Carolina)
84. Ben Roberts (Washington State)
85. Dillon Peters (Texas)
86. Eric Skoglund (Central Florida)
87. Jorge Lopez (Grand Canyon)
88. KJ Hockaday (Harford CC)
89. Christian Ibarra (LSU)
90. Drew Jackson (Stanford)
91. Brett Lilek (Arizona State)
92. Drew Smith (Dallas Baptist)
93. Blake Drake (Concordia, Oregon)
94. Jacob Lindgren (Mississippi State)
95. Xavier Turner (Vanderbilt)
96. J.P. Feyereisen (Wisconsin-Stevens Point)
97. Jack Fischer (Wake Forest)
98. Manny Ramirez Jr. (Central Arizona College)
99. Max Povse (UNC Greensboro)
100. Alex Calbick (Maine)

  • Kathy


    Appreciate your hard work in compiling names and putting your list together. Certainly subjective and your opinion is just as valid as anyone else, however some you list and in the order you list them, are admittedly head scratchers. You seem to put a lot of weight on summer league stats and downplay performances from their regular season. You seem to rank kids that do well in a smaller summer league (that did little in regular season conference games) over kids that performed extremely well in major conferences but for one reason or another didn’t have huge summers. An example here would be Xavier Turner at Vanderbilt. How you have some of those kids ranked over him is beyond me. The only explanation is because he had arm surgery and skipped summer league play, you lowered him in your rankings. Yet you list some kid from a far inferior conference, who barely played (or played well) over him because he had a decent summer in an average league? And don’t even get me started putting Manny Jr on this list…. That just shows you really put little effort into this list. I don’t say that to knock the kid, I hope he does well, however he’s never played a single college game and is going to a JC (and yes I know Central Arizona is a good JC program so don’t bother responding on that). I’ve seen him play 4 or 5 times which is probably 4 or 5 times more than you. Are you telling me there isn’t a single kid in college you could come up with that deserved to be on the list before him?

    Again, I do apprecaite you doing this and I realize it’s an argument we could have all day long about who should or shouldn’t be listed and in what order. I just think more weight should be applied to existing college players from major programs that have proved themselves week in and week out against elite level competition, before you go off the rails listing some of the kids you list.

    Thank you,

    • Ramirez was a pretty highly ranked summer player who tore it up…I am currently not at my computer to get the numbers for you but this list isn’t the best players in the SEC!
      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

      • Kathy

        I’ll save you the research, he played for the Far West League in California. League has now been disbanded due to lack of interest.

        Anyway, thank you for the response, I do appreciate it. As I said, I do value your opinion (and the others who contributed) and yes this is all subjective, however to me I put more weight on regular season production as opposed to the summer league stuff where truthfully I don’t put any stock in a young man hitting .333 in a low to mid level league facing average pitching. I guess thats my point.

        Thank you and I’ll be sure to check out the final 70 on your list.


        • Ramirez has signed with San Francisco for the 2015 season

      • jon

        Quit crying

  • Kelly

    This master list has not been updated in a while…

    • Kelly

      And again…

  • Appstate828

    Why is Jeremy Null RHP from Western Carolina not on this list. By all stats he is definitely better than the #99 player Max Povse from UNCG. I might have a little bit of a bias but from what I can tell he should definitely be mentioned.

    • Povse was the top prospect in the Valley League this summer which is 6th best league at the worst.

  • In person

    Saw John Tuttle, #75 Catawba @ Lynn University last Sat. While it was his first game of the year, and in fairness his defense was less than stellar, it was not an overwhelming performance against a decent D2 team in Lynn. I agree with Kathy’s point that there are small school players on this list that don’t seem to merit the ranking. The proven D1 players ranked below them have produced in a higher caliber of regular season baseball and even higher level of conferences. But I enjoy the list and the level of debate it is meant to incite.

    • Tuttle led the Coastal Plains League in ERA which is at worst the fourth best summer league is a pretty good accomplishment. Do you have admit that?

      Baseball America had Tuttle as the TOP prospect in the Coastal Plains League.

  • “The U”

    Odd that one of the top pitchers Bryan Radziewski in college is not a top 100, why?

  • Hammer

    What about AJ Reed from Kentucky? Leads the nation in HR, either 1 or 2 in RBI, and batting nearly .375.

    • Yea I missed on him in the preseason… Totally would be top 15 now

  • Jake Thomson

    I went up to Montgomery to watch a game and was amazed by Robert Llera from Faulkner Univeristy. Batting .440

    • Eddie Martin

      Hi jake, I was also impressed with Llera this yr. With the upcoming draft, is there any expected round you think he may go. Go Eagles!