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Jameis Winston DNA Match; Coverup in Tallahassee?

JameisWinstonFlorida State starting QB and outfielder Jameis Winston has been involved in a reported sexual assault incident that took place in December of 2012. reported on Wednesday evening that the District Attorney tested a sample from the accuser’s underwear which is a match for Winston’s DNA. The chances that someone else would be a match is a 1 in 2.2 trillion. (Video from report is embedded below. 

This case is likely going to go far beyond the football and baseball fields as there is a report from the Tampa Bay Times that the accuser was told not to press charges in this case by a Tallahassee detective because Winston was a well-known student athlete in the community. (Full article available here We have also included a video report from WCTV below.) The family of the accuser released a statement which can be viewed here which brings up many questions. If this comes out true, this is clearly a coverup by the police department in Tallahassee where several people will lose their jobs over.

This is a story to follow in the coming days and weeks to see if charges are eventually filed against Winston. This will be a key loss for the Seminoles as Winston played in 41 games (32 starts) hitting .235 with nine RBI and was expected to play this spring again for the Noles on the diamond.

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