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Top 10 College Baseball Stadiums: 1. Skip Bertman Field at Alex Box Stadium (LSU)


While college baseball season might be over, College Baseball Daily is keeping you covered by counting down the Top 10 Stadiums in the country. Each day we’ll have a different stadium, including the history and fun facts, until we reach the number one stadium in all of college baseball. We conclude our countdown today at number one with LSU’s Skip Bertman Field at Alex Box Stadium.

If you’ve paid any attention to college baseball in the past few years, you’ll know that LSU has been king of the diamond. While they only won the World Series in 2009 and have made numerous trips back to Omaha, all the magic seems to be happening in Baton Rouge. The Tigers have been playing at Alex Box since 2009, and have been pulling in the crowds ever since. In 2013, they lead Division I schools by averaging 11,006 fans per game. In the five seasons that the stadium has been in operation, there have been 204 games and 2,144, 256 fans through the gates of Alex Box Stadium. Not only does LSU draw fans to their stadium, they also like to win at home. Since opening, the Tigers have posted a 165-39 record at Alex Box, a .809 winning percentage. The stadium can currently hold 10, 326 loyal fans, but the stadium was packed on April 27, 2013 with 12,737 people coming to watch the Tigers take on the South Carolina Gamecocks. In 2012, Eric Sorenson placed Alex Box second on the list of best big game atmospheres, behind the number two stadium on this list (Dudy Noble Field,) and the stadium was the only college venue to receive the honor of being named to the “101 Best Stadium Experiences of 2012” list. Alex Box has been host to three Regionals and three Super Regionals, including the 2009 Championship season for the Tigers. The field at Alex Box has been named after Skip Bertman, who was the head coach of the Tigers for 18 years; Bertman also lead them to five national titles and seven SEC tournament titles. If you are ever in Baton Rouge during baseball season, do yourself a favor and go see a game at Alex Box Stadium. You won’t regret it.

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  • Trudi D

    The Tigers have won more championships than just in 2009. They were National Champs in 1991, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000 & 2009. The author should also do a little research on the original Alex box Stadium- the article doesn’t truly reflect the history of our beloved Tigers Baseball Program! But thanks for the #1 spot which we really deserve. 🙂

    • Chris H

      Trudi, the purpose of the article is to name the best college baseball stadiums in the country. The author is giving info that is relevant to the current Alex Box. She did state near the bottom that LSU won 5 national titles under Skip Bertman.

      • Trudi D

        I wasn’t trying to be rude, I appreciate the article, I am just saying this statement makes it appear that 2009 was the only year we won the national championship- “While they only won the World Series in 2009 and have made numerous trips back to Omaha, all the magic seems to be happening in Baton Rouge.”

        • HarpMD

          This is just one of 10 stadiums that were ranked, and for each one the author only allowed herself about two paragraphs. I’m assuming they were meant to be fun articles, like most rankings are, not a history of the team that happens to play at the stadium being ranked, particularly prior to their playing at that stadium. I suppose she could have said they ranked number one in attendance from 2009 to 2013, but she also wanted to give this year’s average attendance, which is more relevant to being on the CURRENT list than 2009 to 2012’s.

          • Noone including myself wants to read 2,000 words on a baseball stadium.
            Brian Foley
            Editor of College Baseball Daily

    • Trudi,
      I do realize that LSU has won more that just a title in 2009. But, as Chris mentioned, this is current stadiums and I was highlighting the great success that Alex Box has had since it opened in 2009. I understand the great traditions that LSU has had over the years and respect the stadium and program that they have currently built. Which is why LSU was placed number one on our countdown.

  • SMC1125

    I agree with Trudi. The article is filled with mis-information and weak writing that leads to assumption gathering. The Tigers have led the nation in attendance for more than just 2013 and yes, the Tigers have been national champs quite a few times. If you’re gonna write an article of Alex Box and Tigers baseball, give it some depth.

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