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Top 10 College Baseball Stadiums: 9. PK Park (Oregon)

PKParkWhile college baseball season might be over, College Baseball Daily is keeping you covered by counting down the Top 10 Stadiums in the country. Each day we’ll have a different stadium, including the history and fun facts, until we reach the number one stadium in all of college baseball. Checking in at number 9 today is Oregon’s PK Park.

Located in the sweet town of Eugene, the Oregon Ducks claim PK Park as their nest for the baseball season. The stadium opened in February 2009, with temporary seating allowing fans to enjoy the games, until the construction was officially completed in March 2010. Now, 4,000 fans are able to sit and watch their Ducks play. The field has played host to two Regionals (2012 and 2013) and one Super Regional in 2012, in which the Ducks lost a three series by Kent State. While attendance isn’t as high as the SEC schools, the Ducks finished ranked 34th in all of Division I baseball with an average of 1,971 fans per home game, fans are still able to enjoy a nice atmosphere. The seats go almost all the way around the stadium, stopping right before they get to the outfield, and with the seats as close to the field of play as possible, fans really get to enjoy the game. In addition to the great seats, there is also a picnic area for fans to enjoy, and a tiered party deck called “Fowl Territory,” which is pretty clever. The Duck’s old field, Howe Field, has been converted to the softball field, and PK Park also plays host to the Eugene Emeralds, the short-season class A team for the San Diego Padres. The stadium has a great scene around it, with many trees surrounding the park, and Auzten Stadium located near the stadium; PK Park was actually built in the northwest corner of the parking lot for the football stadium.

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