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Top 10 College Baseball Stadiums: 10. Medlar Park (Penn State)

While college baseball season might be over, College Baseball Daily is keeping you covered by counting down the Top 10 Stadiums in the country. Each day we’ll have a different stadium, including the history and fun facts, until we reach the number one stadium in all of college baseball.Checking in at number 10 today is Penn State’s Medlar Field at Lubrano Park.

While Penn State usually isn’t thought of as a baseball school, Medlar Field is one of the prettiest sites you’ll see a game at. Situated in State College, the stadium offers a look at Nittany Mountain, one of Penn State’s landmarks. If you’re sitting in the outfield at the ballpark, try not to get distracted from the giant that is Beaver Stadium, which overshadows Medlar Field in many ways. The stadium, which was opened in 2006, boasts a large outfield and was named Project of the Year back in 2006 by Mid-Atlantic Construction. In addition to a great view, the field has a picnic area and a play area for children who might not want to pay attention to the game. The stadium has the same “footprint,” or dimensions, as PNC Park. Medlar Field has a left center measurement of 401 ft, with centerfield being 399 ft. The only difference between PNC Park and Medlar Field? PNC’s walls are 21 feet, while Medlar Field’s are 18.55, to commemorate the year that Penn State was founded. During Penn State’s offseason, the field is used by the State College Spikes, the short-season class A affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals (formerly of the Pirates.) The field is named after Chuck Medlar, who coached the Nittany Lions from 1963 to 1981, and Anthony Lubrano, a Penn State alumni who donated most of the money to get the construction of the stadium underway. As of 2013, the Nittany Lions have never won a Big Ten championship or a national title in baseball.

  • jimmy

    …this will be fun . the top 10 !!! Penn State at #10 ? …. who would have thought??. nice article . hmmm whos #9 ?

  • Brandon

    Any word on the rumors that Lubrano hasn’t actually given up the check he promised for the stadium?

    • Not aware of that at al…I will see if I can find out for you!

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