• jimmy

    no surprise here that Canada won ! there is some huge Talent and tools in the line-up .In fact, the Canadian Baseball program has developed quicker than i though it could…some great talent and Kids up there now! The Bonus here is that most Canadian kids have a common denominator,if I may generalize – a ‘grit factor’that is not to be underestimated, that is a bonus for any team …if a coach knows how to harness it ! almost a mean streak from my observations. Most Canadian players are missunderstood in my opinon.Their polite kids by culture , but complex at the same time… good in pitching mound brawls too and Yapping if provoked. I gather the hockey roots pays off.

    Some great pictures by the way! Very nice action shots – wish I was good with the Camera like this !

    • http://collegebaseballdaily.com/ Brian Foley

      I will say it surprised me how “easily” the Canadians handled this college summer league team….I will try to throw up some thoughts either today or tomorrow. Grit? Absolutely…and I thought the Canadiens kids played a terrible game on defense with mental errors on dropped fly balls, foul outs and a line drive!
      The pics were alright but the game had very little action and not many chances to get great pics at the game!
      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

      • jimmy

        GREAT! I look forward to your comments Brian . With thanks,