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TD Ameritrade Stadium is a Canyon

TDAMTPThe great SID Rob Anderson of Creighton University has put together stats for all games played at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha and the numbers are very interesting. There has been a total of 120 games played at the new ballpark in the first three years with 63 games with Creighton, 43 at the College World Series, and 14 other games hosted. 

So in the 120 games played, teams are hitting at a .242 clip which would be good enough for a tie at 275th in the final 2013 Division 1 stats out of 296 programs.

There has been a total of 51 homers in the three season for an average of 17 homers per season which is good enough for 176 out of 296 teams.

You can check out all the stats by clicking here.

Do you think the fences should be moved in at TDAPO? Comment below.

  • jimmy

    Move the fences in… Or change from the ‘dead’thump of th BB core bats they are using today. IMHO , it’s a bat problem. They have taken the snap and pop from the kids bats . They are far better to even go back to maple bats. Get rid of these current BB core bats . A failed idea.

  • jimmy

    In the CWS we had the lowest home runs ever.something is seriously wrong . Big kids ,few homers . This is wrong.

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