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Syracuse to add Baseball?

SyracuseFeaturedAs we reported back when Syracuse joined the ACC, that the school will likely look into adding the sport of baseball to their program. The Post-Standard is reporting today that the school will reevaluate their sport offerings with the move to the ACC.

Inclusion into the ACC means an influx of new revenue for the Orange athletics program. That additional revenue also makes it likely that SU will add baseball to its sports offering.

“We’ll study what we can add, what makes sense if we want to add,” SU athletic director Daryl Gross said. “Is it baseball? Is it women’s golf and women’s fencing? We’re analyzing those things as we speak. We’ll see how it fits with Title IX and those types of things.”

Giansante came to Syracuse from Oregon, where he was hired, he said, to reinstate baseball. The Orange played baseball for decades before dropping the sport in 1972. Giansante and Gross said that Syracuse must first address enhancing the 18 programs that already exist on the SU campus. There are facilities to improve, coaching salaries to potentially raise, debt to eliminate.

But eventually, talk will likely circle back to adding programs. And baseball (and its subsequent Title IX balances) will be seriously entertained.

“The first priority is to make all of us competitive from a budgetary standpoint,” Giansante said. “Once that happens, you have to look at the kind of things that generate some revenue in the ACC and look at some of the other sports that the ACC has. Clearly, the ACC is very good in baseball. And we would be the only school in the ACC without baseball.”

You can check out the full article here.

Updated: June 27, 2013 — 8:45 am
  • jimmy

    LETS HOPE !! this would be great !

  • Rick

    Just what the ACC needs: BC II. Higher travel budgets for the privilege of either getting snowed out anytime through April or playing in an after-thought, neglected facility.

    Woe be to the programs that find themselves forced to be in Syracuse’s division…and, since the divisions are organized around football, I’m sure that Syracuse and BC will fall into the same division. What joy that will be!

    • Umm….I would think Syracuse would be more competitive in baseball than Boston College since they probably would play in a triple A ballpark for a few years and they will build a new stadium. BC still hasn’t broken ground.

      • Rick

        You mean, like Wake Forest, where about 50-60 family members show up in their former minor league stadium…only an awful lot colder?

        Right. I’m sure that there will be a huge groundswell of support for Syracuse baseball during lacrosse season.

        Hey, I’ve got an idea!

        Let’s force some of the best college teams in the country to waste an entire weekend and a lot of travel money to go up and either get snowed out or play in front of 30 fans in 30 degree temperatures!

        Stadium or not, that’s precisely what the conference forces now because of BC’s conference membership. One lost weekend is enough. Let’s not double the insanity.

        • BC has been snowed out once since they joined the conference and they ended up playing the series anyways at UNC.

          PItt’s weather isn’t much different than Boston College….

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