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CBD Product Review: OOTP Baseball 2014

OOTP14_Logo_600pxI was recently sent a couple of Outside the Park 2014 to review from one of their producers. This game yearly is rated as the top text based simulation of baseball in the country. So what did I think?

Umm, I haven’t played OOTP since the 2009 version and was immediately blown away from the advances that the game has made in the last few years. The game has rosters from the late 1800’s all the way up to the present day. There is also a way to include collegiate teams in the game and japanese leagues if you are interested. It is EXTREMELY DEEP! Unlimited options available. 

The first game that I booted up was to rewrite history and bring the 1986 Boston Red Sox to the World Series title. Everyone remembers what happened in Game 6 of the World Series but I was trying to rewrite the history books and bring a title back to Boston. Of course, this didn’t happen as I played about half a season before I was fired by my GM for struggling so much and for terrible in game management.

The game can be played many different ways from handling every pitch, at-bat, or just simulating games while trying to become the next Theo Epstein. I prefer to just try to be the next Theo as I don’t like to do the day to day management stuff as much and like to build up my team more. I highly recommend playing the daily games if you are into calling a hit and run in the second inning of the 31st game of the season.

I highly recommend this game for anyone that is a baseball junkie and this will keep me busy throughout the summer until the start of the 2014 College Baseball Season.

You can purchase the game by clicking here.

  • Brad Cook

    Thanks for the review, Brian!

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