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2013 NCAA Regional Projections (May 21st)

13regionalprojections_smAs we’re now well into the 2013 college baseball season, College Baseball Daily continues our countdown to Selection Monday with our latest 2013 Regional Projections.

This week’s projections return to if the tournament started today scenario. We will be releasing an updated bracket after the games on Sunday at 8pm to give you our latest projected bracket before Selection Monday. If you have any questions about the projections feel free to leave a comment below.


1. Vanderbilt (1) *

2. Georgia Tech

3. Oklahoma State

4. Tennessee Tech *

1. NC State

2. Florida

3. William and Mary

4. Columbia *

1. Oregon (8)

2. Illinois

3. Maryland

4. Maine *

1. Mississippi State

2. Austin Peay State

3. Sam Houston State *

4. St. Louis *

1. Oregon State (4) *

2. Auburn

3. Creighton

4. Gonzaga *

1. Clemson

2. Ole Miss

3. Coastal Carolina

4. South Dakota State *

1. Florida State (5)

2. Mercer *

3. Florida Atlantic

4. Bryant *

1. South Carolina

2. Kansas State *

3. Western Carolina *

4. Campbell *

1. Virginia (3)

2. Troy *

3. Michigan State

4. Jackson State *

1. Indiana *

2. Virginia Tech

3. Kentucky

4. Kent State *

1. LSU (6)

2. Louisiana-Lafayette

3. Seton Hall

4. Savannah State *

1. Louisville *

2. Miami (FL)

3. Texas A&M

4. Illinois State *

1. Cal State Fullerton (7) *

2. Arizona State

3. Notre Dame

4. Wisconsin-Milwaukee *


2. Cal Poly

3. New Mexico *

4. CSU Bakersfield *

1. North Carolina (2) *

2. UNC-Wilmington *

3. Arkansas

4. Army *

1. South Alabama

2. Alabama

3. Rice *

4. Rider *


Projected Champ

America East Maine
Atlantic 10 St. Louis
ACC North Carolina
Atlantic Sun Mercer
Big 10 Indiana
Big 12 Kansas State
Big East Louisville
Big South Campbell
Big West Cal State Fullerton
CAA UNC-Wilmington
Conference USA Rice
Horizon League Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Ivy League Columbia
MAAC Rider
MAC Kent State
MEAC Savannah State
Missouri Valley Illinois State
Mountain West New Mexico
Northeast Conference Bryant
Ohio Valley Conference Tennessee Tech
Pac-12 Oregon State
Patriot League Army
SEC Vanderbilt
Southern Conference Western Carolina
Southland Conference Sam Houston State
SWAC Jackson State
Summit League South Dakota State
Sun Belt Troy
West Coast Conference Gonzaga
WAC CSU Bakersfield



  • Catsforlife

    What happens if Arizona sweeps USC because the Omaha page has Arizona as the first four out right now so if we sweep does that get us in?

    • Wildcatnation

      ??? any response my friend

      • Alex

        Arizona has a terrible resume, and it’s not going to get any better by sweeping a 19-33 team.

    • They aren’t going to be able to make it.

    • They aren’t going to be able to make it based on the numbers that I am seeing.

  • Gray

    Does Auburn’s early tourney exit put them in a worrisome spot or did the last three weeks of the season push them over the edge

    • JDaddy AU

      they don’t seem to answer anymore, im a huge AU fan, most experts I have read today said it wouldn’t have really helped them but could have hurt, but most are still saying with the RPI and SOS we are in as a 3 seed. They also were saying au needs to be pulling for the Top teams to win their conferences (obviously) so the at large bids wouldn’t disappear. I think we should be in better shape than UK and UF, I think we steal a bid from UK.

      • Gray

        I would think TAMU needs to get beat as a possible bid stealer with UF’s strong schedule?

        • JDaddy AU

          I agree about UF’s schedule, but you gotta win some of those tough games, Auburn beat them in Gainesville 2/3 and should have swept UF if not for the 3 run homer in the bottom of the 9th that Saturday night. the committee always talks about big road series and we beat Texas AM in college station when they were nationally ranked. I think we will get the nod before UK UF and a and am, but crazier things could happen. would be bad if a and am makes a deep run this week.

      • Alex

        Yeah, Kentucky is yesterday’s news. I called it on this site a month ago. They finished the season on an 8-20 roll.

        • JDaddy AU

          Yep, I saw you post a while back that UK was overrated. I agreed somewhat when they kept them in the talk for hosting a regional. UK is still UK

  • gohogs14

    Arkansas a 3 seed?

  • 4 horsemen 1990 version

    How is Florida looking after their early exit from the SEC tournament?

    • Alex

      Hide your eyes from their record and their resume looks pretty good. But I just can’t find a way to defend a record of 29-28.

  • Alex

    Maryland and Kentucky have about a negative ten percent chance to make the NCAA baseball tournament.

  • steve

    Are you kidding me in that you don’t have San Diego in the field of 64. An RPI of 54. A 6-1 record against the top 50 and an 18-12 mark against the top 100 and boasting the best hitter in the nation in Krisa Bryant and one of the top 5 freshmen pitchers in the nation in PJ Conlon. The selectors will pick San Diego because ther nation needs to see Kris Bryant on the natinal stage

    • Alex

      You should have stopped at “an RPI of 54”. That’s not very impressive. And why do you have a girl named Krisa on your team? Don’t get me wrong, I love your colors and logo. But that’s not a tournament resume.

      • Morgan

        Krisa? What the fck are you talking about?

        • Morgan

          Btw, this is the only site without USD in their projections. Heck, even Kendall (the best CBB writer) has the Toreros as a 2 seed.

        • Alex

          “….and boasting the best hitter in the nation in Krisa Bryant….”

  • steve

    Hey Alex or is it Alexa
    maybe I should have stopped with USD having a 6-1 record asgainst the top 50. That alone should tell you something. You ask around the country and not many would fancy playing USD, they are capabale of giving a beating to the best, just ask OSU. By the way, that girl has only hit 30 bombs, yes bombs, not 1 cheap shot.

    • Alex

      Having a 6-1 record against the top 50 tells me that you have only played 7 games against the top 50. That’s a pretty weak schedule.

      • hank

        are you joking. It’s California – you see great talent as small schools. Just because they don’t play top 50 doesn’t mean they are bad. You can’t always make a schedule playing top 50 – because look at what happened to UTexas baseball (joke).

        32-22 is better than acc MD, and SEC KY in my book.

  • what does the fukin asteric mean it doesnt say anywhere????

    • * Conference Champ…

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily
      Twitter: @BFoley82|@CB_Daily

  • I guess its the projected conference champ???????

    • In the conferences that haven’t completed their tournaments it is projected….

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily
      Twitter: @BFoley82|@CB_Daily

  • Jeff

    Arkansas a 3 seed in a national seed’s regional? Smoking that crack pipe bro?

    • The teams are NOT seeded 1-64. Only 1-8.

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily
      Twitter: @BFoley82|@CB_Daily

  • Hail2Pitt

    how is pittsburgh not up there when they swept 6 of the 8 conference teams, including both notre dame and seton hall (who are both in the “top 64”), AND they have over 40 wins?!

  • JDaddy AU

    I have a question about the sec baseball tournament in general, Do you like the setup with the first day basically being play in games?? I personally don’t like it, not just because I am an AU fan and we are done, but seems like its a flawed tournament setup. in past, you could win one out of three games to get to Friday and that would make a big impression on the resume, wish they had of kept it at 10 teams.

    • I don’t like it! Keep it at 8 I say

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

    • DogPoundRockin

      Yeah I don’t like it either. I didn’t like that State, a top 15 team and #5 seed in the SEC, could’ve gone out with one loss. Even a team as bad as Missouri can get a great pitching performance in a single game and pull out a victory. And that’s almost exactly what happened Tuesday night.

      • JDaddy AU

        couldn’t agree more, just about every team has one pitcher that can get them deep into a game. another problem that hoover had this year, is AU or UA was going out the first day and that kills their revenue. I know that’s off topic but I know those who put it on wish it had been double elimination all through now lol

  • Ross

    Is there any chance of a team like Ole Miss or Arkansas being given the 2-seed in the South Alabama regional then letting the 2-seed host? I don’t know much about South Alabama’s facilities, but I know it isn’t unheard of the for NCAA to do that from time to time.

    • DogPoundRockin

      What do you mean? If Ole Miss or Arkansas is given a 2-seed in the South Alabama regional, the #2 seed isn’t hosting.

  • Joe

    Holy hell the people that make these posts need to actually watch some college baseball. The stupid. It burns.

    • hank

      agreed. USA Today should shut this place down. This projection is the worst on the internet.

  • DogPoundRockin

    I wonder if SEC may get 5 host sites this year? I actually think Arkansas will get one. I’m still not 100% confident State will get to host though. The NCAA seems to put a lot of emphasis on conference record and where you finish in your conference, regardless of RPI and overall record. But I’d like to see how they’d justify awarding South Carolina a host site and not State. Unless they ignore the fact that State won 3 of 4 from USC this year (assuming they don’t meet again) and didn’t play a series against the 3 bad teams in the league (Georgia, Tenn., Missouri), whereas USC got to play all 3.

  • Jason

    I bet they didn’t see that Vanderbilt was going to be shut out by Texas A&M yesterday afternoon. Geaux Tigers!!

  • Alex

    Any chance if K State wins Big12 tourney they could host a regional?

    • I expect that to happen if they win the tourney….King is a beast!

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily
      Twitter: @BFoley82|@CB_Daily

  • zach

    what about florida gulf coast ? been in top 25 throughout regular season

  • Tribe

    Brian, curious as to what you think William & Mary’s chances are of making a regional after how everything shook out this weekend. Top 40 RPI team and made it to the conference championship game this weekend

    • Ginger is doing projections tonight as I traveling all weekend

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

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