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Texas reinstates Corey Knebel; Cameron Cox suspended Indefinitely

CoreyKnebelFeaturedThe Texas Longhorns suspended both Corey Knebel and Cameron Cox over the weekend for violation of team rules. As we all know, that is always code for a much deeper story but this one just goes above and beyond being a knucklehead.

According to an article written by Erick Smith of USA Today Sports, a Texas teammate asked Corey Knebel for his urine during a routine drug screening. Knebel gave his urine to the teammate who turned it over to Texas officials. But the problem came up when it tested positive for Adderall which is a banned substance by the NCAA that Knebel has a prescription for.

When his teammate was presented with the results, he admitted to using Knebel’s urine. The team suspended Corey Knebel and his teammate Cameron Cox last weekend against Kansas State. It was announced today that Knebel has been reinstated while Cox continues to be suspended until further notice. Texas has refused to comment that the two suspensions are related but it is clear that they are.

So if it was Cox that was trying to hide something in his urine, What was he hiding? Great question that we are never going to find out.

The real problem continues to be that College Baseball has become filled with cheating players and coaches. People connected to the college game have stated that the game is getting out of hand with the cheating as seen with the Miami strength coach connection to steroids and many other issues that have come up in recent years.

Link: USA Today Sports

  • jimmy

    oh boy …sad to hear …. what pressure these kids must be under !!! can we have a f/u story to this in a couple weeks !!!!

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