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2013 NCAA Regional Projections (April 4th)

13regionalprojections_smAfter three weeks of play, College Baseball Daily continues our countdown to Selection Monday with our latest 2013 Regional Projections. Remember, that these projections are our best guess at what the brackets would look like if the tournament started today.

1. Oregon State (1)

2. Clemson


4. Bryant *

1. Georgia Tech

2. South Carolina

3. Georgia Southern *

4. Missouri State *

1. Indiana * (8)

2. Oklahoma *

3. Louisiana-Lafayette

4. Alabama State *

1. Miami (FL)

2. Florida

3. Florida Gulf Coast

4. Wisconsin-Milwaukee *

1. Florida State (4)

2. Mercer *

3. Florida Atlantic *

4. Delaware State *

1. Arizona State

2. San Diego

3. Central Arkansas

4. New Mexico *

1. Virginia Tech (5)

2. William & Mary

3. Cal Poly

4. Marist *

1. Ole Miss


3. UT-Arlington *

4. South Dakota State *

1. Cal State Fullerton * (3)

2. Texas A&M

3. Pepperdine *

4. Navy *

1. Oregon

2. NC State

3. San Diego State

4. Cornell *

1. North Carolina* (6)

2. UNC-Wilmington *

3. Louisville

4. Presbyterian *

1. Mississippi State

2. Houston *

3. Dartmouth

4. St. Louis *

1. LSU * (7)

2. South Alabama

3. College of Charleston

4. Southeastern Louisiana

1. Notre Dame

2. Michigan State

3. Kentucky

4. Miami (OH)

1. Vanderbilt (2)

2. Austin Peay State

3. UConn

4. Tennessee Tech *

1. Virginia

2. Rutgers *

3. Alabama

4. Maine *



Projected Champ

America East Maine
Atlantic 10 St. Louis
ACC North Carolina
Atlantic Sun Mercer
Big 10 Indiana
Big 12 Oklahoma
Big East Rutgers
Big South Presbyterian
Big West Cal State Fullerton
CAA UNC-Wilmington
Conference USA Houston
Horizon League Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Ivy League Cornell
MAAC Marist
MAC Miami, OH
MEAC Delaware State
Missouri Valley Missouri State
Mountain West New Mexico
Northeast Conference Bryant
Ohio Valley Conference Tennessee Tech
Pac-10 Oregon
Patriot League Navy
Southern Conference Georgia Southern
Southland Conference Southeastern Louisiana
SWAC Alabama State
Summit League South Dakota State
Sun Belt Florida Atlantic
West Coast Conference Pepperdine
WAC UT Arlington
  • simsropp

    Florida not a number 2 seed. They may be lucky to even make the tournament. You need to rethink that seeding. They might be a number 4 or 3….but not 2.

  • Jeff

    Ummmm, Razorbacks miss out? Really?

  • Robert

    Where’s Arkansas?

  • HeinzHummer

    No Arkansas, I am going to take this as a late April Fools joke. #9 team in the Country with the #1 ERA in the country, and has won 14 of their last 17 games, including sweeping South Carolina, which has never been done at Carolina Stadium by any team.

    Good one, you got me.

    • They got swept at the Arizona State tourney by the Sun Devils, Pacific, and Gonzaga. Lost to a very bad Western Illinois team.

      • Chris R

        I guess you dont factor in injuries at all do you. Arkansas didnt have Ficocello or Fant pitching that weekend and now Fant is a weekend started. Your logic is so flawed

        • Exactly! But the numbers aren’t lying though…RPI fluctuates at this part of the year but right now it isn’t strong…
          Brian Foley
          Editor of College Baseball Daily

          • dpd

            You shouldn’t call this a ‘projection’ if you’re not going to look forward.

          • So since you have big fluctuations in rpi this time of year you prolly wouldn’t want to put a lot of influence on rpi as a factor for your field. the razorbacks rpi will jump substantially in the next 2 weeks. really should have done your homework before you posted this. Seeing how other projections have the hogs hosting a regional and you don’t have them making the field. Florida a #2 seed? lol really???? 12-15 schhols listed on this projection will not make the field

          • My preseason projections the last two years have correctly picked 21 out of 31 hosts over the last two years!
            Brian Foley
            Editor of College Baseball Daily

          • AmK32

            RPI is really messed up still. According to right now Arkanas has RPI of 48 but is 11-5 vs top 50 teams. But William & Mary is #25 and 5-5 vs top 50, Rutgers is 3-9 vs 50 but 26 RPI, and even worse Dartmouth RPI is #35 but they are 0-0 vs top 50 and 0-0 vs 51-100. So no wins vs top 100 or more puzzling have not played a team that is in top 100.

          • Exactly…let it all play out before ripping me over the RPI…the RPI is a key factor of the at large berths as you know!
            Brian Foley
            Editor of College Baseball Daily

          • kcc.usn

            The good news is that the selection committee will be baseball-savvy enough to notice that those losses you reference came in the first two weeks of the season – on the road (in AZ) and with two of those losses to major programs @ or near the top of their leagues (ASU/GONZ). Maybe no argument that Arkansas isn’t a regional host – but you are kidding yourself if you don’t think the committee won’t ‘seat’ them in the top 64 teams. As of today, you have two teams hosting regionals – Oregon St and Oregon have half the games played against 1-50 ranked RPI teams with neither (5 and 7 wins) having near the amount Arkansas has. Point: where you play 22 games and win over half the games against 1-50 RPI teams, you get in.

            But I understand this isn’t your fault – this is about the numbers – all you did was paste in RPI rankings and call it a day. Where do I apply for that job 🙂

  • HeinzHummer

    Two things right off the top of my head I see terribly wrong.

    1. You’re telling me the Florida Gators who sit at 14-16(4-5) is currently a 2 seed? What?

    2. Mississippi St is not a host team, they’ve fell apart at the seams. 4 straight series losses now for the Bulldogs and sit 6th in the SEC West.

    Mr. Foley, what you’ve just typed is one of the most insanely idiotic
    things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent
    article were you even close to anything that could be considered a
    rational thought. Everyone on this page is now dumber for having
    read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your

  • Andrew

    So Florida, a team with a losing record, is a 2 seed? You’re joking.. Not only that but this guy leaves out the #9 team in the country with an ERA of 1.68 because they had one bad weekend at the beginning of the season? Even though they have indisputably bounced back as evidenced by winning 2/3 against MSU and SWEEPING SOUTH CAROLINA IN SOUTH CAROLINA. If you want to call them inconsistent then I could understand that and agree with that but to not even have them in the tournament is straight up ignorant.

  • Brian’s Mental Illness

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. Dear god please shut down your website for you have now lost all credibility and are a laughing stock across all of college baseball. Seriously, shut this shithole down and find a new profession, you clearly suck at this one Brian. A top 10 team not in ahahahaha wow, never go full retard.

  • Joe

    The hogs RPI is higher than 64 so how are they not in the field of 64? Teams with worse RPI are in instead of a top ten team! I think a monkey can pick a better field! Stop flipping a coin!

    • Autobids and then you take the top teams that aren’t in…

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

      • Joe

        Would u put them in the field if u were picking?

    • AmK32

      For atlarge bid teams need to be below 50 and for real good shot they need to be 45 or lower. A SEC team with RPI in the 40s or 50s is not good.

      • kcc.usn

        So you’d leave out the SEC team sporting the 3rd best record … and select teams 4-11 (all of which have a better RPI record. Here’s the problem – the RPI is built largely on the records of the other teams you play. UA will be seeded as a 2 in one of the regionals. Bank it.

        • Look at the date on these….

        • AmK32

          Their are some RPI’s right now that make no sense right now. Arkansas is one and William and Mary is another. My computer at work does not want to work right so not looking them up.

          Its not a secret that for teams to get receive an atlarge bid the rule of thumb is they need to be 50 or below but there are exceptions. It will be interesting to see what happens this year with the new system and some really good teams with really bad RPIs. Before this new system it was almost hard for a SEC team to have a RPI very high and if they did that usually meant they were not good. But you can’t tell me Arkansas is not good.

          • Noone here every said Arkansas wasn’t good..their RPI was terrible at this time and still not good.

  • ME

    Might want to stick the lacrosse (is that a pun??)

  • Taylor

    Please don’t tell me you guys get paid for this. Ridiculous lol.

  • Bigeast?

    When was the last time that the big east had 4 teams make the ncaa tourney better yet when was the last time they had a team in as a two seed who wasn’t hosting or Louisville. To put Louisville as a 3seed with a 28 rpi followed by Rutgers being a 2seed with a 30rpi is redicioulous. Even if you have them getting the automatic bid. There’s no thought behind these predictions

    • Wasn’t St. John’s a two seed last year?

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

      • Bigeast?

        St. John’s was a 3 in 2012 3 in 2011 3 in 2010, Louisville was a 3 in 2012 and a 1 in 2010, seton hall was a 3 in 2011, Uconn was a 2 in 2011 and host in 2010

    • kcc.usn

      cut and pasted from RPI packages. As you suggest, no ‘thought’.

  • ksubatcatfan

    where is Kansas state at in this conversation???? 23-10 1 game back in the big 12 standings winners of 6 in a row and on the cuts of making the top 25

  • Troy Pecoraro

    LSU the 7 seed nationally? wtf, were on fire 30-2 dominating every game.. with an easy non-conf schedule + some home SEC series, u cant tell me they wont win atleast 48 games before the SEC tournament.. arkansas out and florida as a 2 seed? i cant take this seriously.

  • mybad

    You have Oregon State as the national top seed (no issue there) but don’t have them even winning the Pac-12 (You project Oregon)? I know that OS has the toughest series on the road in conference, but I would think that if the can’t win the Pac12 it would be tough to get the #1 seed…..just sayin

  • Joe

    You need to revisit your projected winner in the Southland Conference.

  • GoLobos

    You are on crack. Give the Lobos credit.

    • This post is from April

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

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