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2013 NCAA Regional Projections (Feb. 27th)

13regionalprojections_smAfter two weeks of play, College Baseball Daily continues our countdown to Selection Monday with our latest 2013 Regional Projections. Remember, that these projections are very early to be perfect but they are our best guess at what the brackets would look like if the tournament started today.


Projected Brackets

1. North Carolina (1) *

2. Ole Miss

3. Appalachian State *

4. Mount St. Mary’s *

1. South Carolina

2. Clemson

3. Southern Miss

4. Campbell *

1. Mississippi State (8) *

2. Georgia Tech

3. South Alabama *

4. Alabama State *

1. NC State

2. VCU *

3. Pittsburgh

4. Illinois-Chicago *

1. Oregon (5)

2. UC-Irvine

3. Virginia Tech

4. Navy *

1. Oklahoma *

2. Virginia

3. Creighton *

4. Buffalo *

1. Arkansas (4)

2. Oklahoma State

3. Arkansas State

4. Central Arkansas *

1. Kentucky

2. Miami (FL)

3. Notre Dame

4. South Dakota State *

1. Florida State (6)

2. Florida Gulf Coast

3. Florida

4. Mercer *

1. Stanford

2. Cal Poly

3. Nevada *

4. Canisius *

1. Oregon State (3) *

2. Texas A&M

3. San Diego State

4. Towson *

1. Rice *

2. Texas

3. UT-Arlington *

4. Savannah State *

1. LSU (7)

2. Arizona State

3. Louisiana

4. Dartmouth *


2. Cal State Fullerton *

3. Auburn

4. Ohio State *

1. Vanderbilt (2)

2. Louisville *

3. Missouri State

4. Austin Peay *

1. Arizona

2. Pepperdine *

3. Georgia Southern

4. Binghamton *

Projected Conference Champs


Projected Champ

America East Binghamton
Atlantic 10 VCU
ACC North Carolina
Atlantic Sun Mercer
Big 10 Ohio State
Big 12 Oklahoma
Big East Louisville
Big South Campbell
Big West Cal-State Fullerton
CAA Towson
Conference USA Rice
Horizon League Illinois-Chicago
Ivy League Dartmouth
MAAC Canisius
MAC Buffalo
MEAC Savannah State
Missouri Valley Creighton
Mountain West Nevada
Northeast Conference Mount St. Mary’s
Ohio Valley Conference Austin Peay
Pac-10 Oregon State
Patriot League Navy
SEC Mississippi State
Southern Conference Appalachian State
Southland Conference Central Arkansas
SWAC Alabama State
Summit League South Dakota State
Sun Belt South Alabama
West Coast Conference Pepperdine
WAC UT Arlington


  • NECBLfan

    Love Binghamton, love their new stadium, but I’m not sure they’ll take down Stony Brook and Maine in the AEC this year.

    • Both Stony Brook and Maine are off to rough starts

  • Harry Krinkelstar

    How do you have Arizona hosting a regional over Fullerton? Arizona is currently ranked lower than Fullerton, Arizona will probably finish 4th or 5th in the conference, Fullerton will win their conf, Arizona plays an embarrassingly soft non conf schedule, Fullerton always
    has a strong non conf sched. The 5th place team in the Pac 12 should not get to host over a strong Fullerton if ranked in the top 20 and wins the Big West.

  • Gene

    It’s not “if the tournament started today” if you’re going to include teams that would not even be eligible for the post-season if the tournament started today. Just call it a projection based on what you think is going to happen in the regular season.

    • Florida was 500 when I did them

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

      • Gene

        Got it. Maybe including Saturday and Sunday games might make this a little more realistic since weekend games are the most important.

        • I missed that Ga Southern loss…total brain cramp there! Florida probably is going to miss the NCAA tourney this year!
          Brian Foley
          Editor of College Baseball Daily

          • Gene

            Agreed, especially if they drop the Miami series. They would have to play like .750 ball in SEC play to get back into the picture. Looking forward to next week’s projections.

  • fred4945

    Bloggers (not just in baseball) can’t keep themselves from coming up with silly exercises to get attention, then dressing them up with grandiose titles like (drum roll, please….) “Projections”.

    This is the definition of foolishness. Why don’t you “project” who’s going to win the CWS? Of the 2016 presidential nominations, for that matter.

    What possible bearing on reality can there be in a February guesstimate as to who will be in which bracket in June?

    It’s better, I guess, than playing with your toes or counting the lint in your navel. But not by much.

    Pick up the phone and talk with some coaches about the apparent collapses at Florida and Georgia. Do the pre-season results indicate the ACC Coastal will be that much better than the Atlantic Division? Is Oklahoma really that good? How is the Pac 12 shaping up? The Oregon schools have a lotta wins against weak schedules. How does that compare to Stanford’s UCLA’s and Cal’s lesser records against stronger schedules? I come of this site for some genuine news about college baseball and you offer up this drivel?

    Gimme a break.

    • Over the last two years, our preseason projections have predicted 21 out of 31 NCAA hosts. (ASU was left out due to the sanctions)

      Thanks for playing.

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