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CBD Journal with Post University’s Ray Ricker (Jan. 24th)

rayricker_journalsWith snow on the ground it means only one thing…baseball season is upon us. Welcome back everyone for another year of my College Baseball Daily Blog. For those of you who might have forgotten or at least tried to forget me this is Ray Ricker I am in my sixth season as Associate Head Baseball at Division 2 Post University in Waterbury, Connecticut. We are in an all wood bat conference the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (C.A.C.C.) we have typically been a very strong in the conference and region. I say typically because last year was our first slip up since I have been here, for all the coaches out there who go through a down year only one thing has been on the coaching staff, returning players, and incoming players mind is erase the taste out of our mouths from last year’s mistakes. Since the first day of fall practice this has been a hard working bunch. We saw increase in size and strength in the weight room, extra swings in the cage, and more importantly a dedication in the classroom. I feel that there is a direct correlation between doing well in the classroom and how it affects you on the field. We had a very strong showing with our team grade point average and gave us hope coming into the spring season that we are back on track to where we need to be.

We have many new faces that I will get into in the weeks to come from all over the country and out of country as we normally do here at Post University which leads to funny stories and some different personalities but team chemistry, has seemed to me has been at an all-time high. That is always one of my biggest concerns in coaching to see how everyone bonds. It’s no secret that close teams will play hard for each other no matter what situation they are put it. It is what makes playing a sport in college so great the relationships you build that bond is something that cannot be replaced by anything. I still talk to the guys I played in college with and some of them are even involved in collegiate coaching. The college coaching fraternity is even smaller and one that I am very fortunate to be a part of. This to me is the greatest job in the world being able to positively affect young men’s lives. It is a job I take very seriously and if the guys do not know how much you care, they can care less about how much you know. I hope my feeling about this team is right. We are striving to be 1% better every day in everything we do.

I will be keeping you guys up to date with the on-goings of the Post University Baseball program and giving you my own take on college baseball and a look inside of other things in my life. If you have anything you want me to write about please feel free to send me a message and make sure to follow me on twitter @CoachRix8 until next time thanks for reading.

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