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Two Players Dismissed from Louisiana-Lafayette Baseball Team

CajunsBoth Caleb Kellogg and Almann Snowden will not be back with the Ragin Cajun baseball program in the 2013 season.

Kellogg was arrested on September 30th for an Operating while Under the Influence by the Lafayette City Police Department. Kellogg last year led the team with a 2.52 ERA while going 3-4 in 17 appearances including one start. It was announced today by Ragin’ Cajuns baseball head coach Tony Robichaux that Kellogg has been dismissed by the program.

I have not been able to locate the reason why Snowden decided to not return to the program after the semester break.

  • jimmy

    OK …i dont get it …. he had a couple beer( maybe just one) i gather from the story. it does not say he was over the limit ,nor drunk ,, etc …. part of the culture of college,no?. how many people take cold/flu medications that would be in much worse condition. sure he is likley under 21 …..but old enough to go to Iran or the middle east and vaourize someone . I just dont get it ….based on the story. Keep us up to date with his public trial Brian. there was an arrest here ..not a conviction – lets remember that ….however it does appear the boy has already started serving(being dropped from the program) for this hypothetical crime against his state and country !!! ….

    • I don’t think they would have kicked him off the team without an admittance of guilt…If they kicked him off the team and then he was found innocent, then they could have a lawsuit against the school.

      • jimmy

        Brian, I get your point here . you may find more and more teams being incourt down the road….I have seen these “investiagtive” interviews first hand on various campuses ..they are not legally exceptable, where the boys have not agent nor lawyer present, and “undue infleunce” is the name of the game, etc …. for example , If I admitt to having couple beer at college- which is a cultural norm , this does not, and should not mean expulsion from the team. the punishment must always fit the crime…. and the players should not only be the one held to these lofty standards …. just some food for thought … just saying …. we dont have allot of details here on the kids to agree to an expulsion … I ahve a bias for the college kids … they due deserve ‘due process’ and often times this is not available to them. no agent. no union . no advise. bo legal background…. and so on …..

        • This kid was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. He put the life of other people at risk for getting behind the wheel.
          Brian Foley
          Editor of College Baseball Daily

          • jimmy

            Nasty situation indeed , however … again , the devil is in the details . Has he been convicted of such, or simply charged by police ?…the Snowden issue is a puzzle too .
            If he has been convicted – well so be it … however my point is this kid should not serve any penalty until convicted of such under state law … who knows he could be at a blood alcohol of .04 level …which is not cool , but not drunk in any form either . intoxication is not black and white…its shades of gray in most states . I wish him the best in the future. A mistake was made.

          • Joey

            He was arrested by the Police for operating a vehicle under the influence. What you are saying is it is ok to steal as long as you steal something under $100. There is NO EXCUSE for operating a vehicle after drinking. I am not sure what college you have been to where operating under the influence is accepted as “college culture” but it isnt anywhere in VA. He had to have done something to get pulled over in the first place – meaning he was a danger to society then. Mix alcohol now his danger level has gone up. I applaud coach – we would have done the same thing at my program.

          • jimmy

            Thanks Joey for your comments – I respect them. No im not advocating driving while intoxicated …however, was he convicted of such is a core question,is it not? . intoxication is not back and white…its shades of gray . intoxication can come from pain killers, and all sorts of things. did you know that Tobacco decreases night vision ? …one could/ can say this a form of intoxication. Dito for some cough syrups and over te counter drugs. Have you ever had a beer while going to univesity ? many many do …and many graduate and turn out to be law abiding ,fine people in society. if you say ‘no I never had a beer during university’, you are the odd man out. what I am saying is sure ban booze and Tobacco – I have no use for these products myself…. but they are legal products at this point in history. having one drink or cough syrup or whatever ….and being intoxicated are two different worlds under the law in most states. Let the kid have his due process and the right to a fair trial and process and all that this represents. a conviction before a trial is dead wrong. this is what our system of ‘justice’ is built upon … not on passing public opinion, and such.
            hmmm brings up a question why do beer producers advertise at NCAA games ??…guess this is ok buy some ….not by me though .Dito for Tabacco . are there issues here ?

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