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Agents coming to College Baseball?

WashingtonBaseballHuddleJohn Infante of The Bylaw Blog reports that the NCAA is investigating allowing agents to represent players in hockey, baseball, and soccer during the draft.

In addition to my work with CBD, I am a follower of college hockey so this type of proposal for the two sports is interesting but the difference is that players in hockey have their right held by the team in college while MLB draftees rights to the team end after the deadline. 

You can check out Infante’s full article by clicking here.

Updated: January 10, 2013 — 1:03 am
  • JImmy

    about time .. the Kids should be allowed to have a agent at the D1 level too !!!! it would lessen the abuse some of these kids take on . I speak the obvious.

  • fred4945

    The comment attached to the original article said it all. In essence, it asked how someone with a 17 year-old mentality should be expected to negotiate a deal ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. Ludicrous proposition on its face.

    Having recruited players over decades, I can tell you players decide on absurd criteria. The most common is “my buddy [or teammate] is going there.” One of the common statements upon signing a scholarship is “I really feel connected to [or a rapport with] the coaching staff.” That means the coaching staff did the best warm-and-fuzzy sell job. One can guarantee the face Johnny saw when he was being recruited bears no resemblance to the face he will see when he drops a fly ball, or throws a gut fastball, with runners on second and third.

    Bottom line, 17 year-olds are ill prepared to make quality career decisions — let alone negotiate contracts — without professional help. And their parents have no experience in pro contract negotiation.

    • jimmy

      Fred …agree with you 100% .. you know the NCAA game, i see!! . Little Johnny does not have a chance with no agent or representation while playing at this level. look how many scholarships are “modified” downwards as the kids progress through the system …. the schools are doing it to themselves – and will only have themselves to blame in the end ( the NCAA rules lack focus on the kids too)… and paving the way for all kids to have agents in college and/or a union . Look at the rate of graduates from D 1 Basketball….I rest my case .

      • The percentage of Drafted MLB players that get their degree is very small
        Brian Foley
        Editor of College Baseball Daily

        • jimmy

          YA , exactly my point Brian … it should not be this way …. some regulation by the NCAA or such should take place . heck , kids get drafted in the 30th round , no degree.. very few college credits …playing single ‘A’ …the future does not look bright for Johnny in such a case ….. I think the NCAA can do better for their boys …

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