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2013 Top 100 College Baseball Players

2013 Top 100 College Baseball Players

Here is College Baseball Daily’s annual look at the top players in college baseball. The list is based on personal observations from CBD Editor Brian Foley, CBD Senior Writers Kat Cornetta and William Knox. We have also used many prospect lists from around the country to help out with our rankings. When possible, we included videos so our readers can get a glimpse of the player in action. Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section of each post and if you want to discuss the entire list use the section below.


1. Carlos Rodon (NC State)
2. Mark Appel (Stanford)
3. Sean Manaea (Indiana State)
4. Ryne Stanek (Arkansas)
5. Colin Moran (North Carolina)
6. Michael Lorenzen (Cal-State Fullerton)
7. Kent Emanuel (North Carolina)
8. Marco Gonzales (Gonzaga)
9. Colby Suggs (Arkansas)
10. Konner Wade (Arizona)
11. Buck Farmer (Georgia Tech)
12. Eric Jagielo (Notre Dame)
13. Adam Plutko (UCLA)
14. Johnny Field (Arizona)
15. Trevor Williams (Arizona State)
16. Austin Cousino (Kentucky)
17. Dominic Ficociello (Arkansas)
18. Brian Ragira (Stanford)
19. Bobby Wahl (Ole Miss)
20. Tom Windle (Minnesota)
21. Trea Turner (NC State)
22. Kyle Farmer (Georgia)
23. Michael Conforto (Oregon State)
24. Aaron Nola (LSU)
25. Kartsen Whitson (Florida)
26. Dan Slania (Notre Dame)
27. Daniel Palka (Georgia Tech)
28. Raph Rhymes (LSU)
29. LJ Mazzilli (UConn)
30. Aaron Judge (Fresno State)
31. Kris Bryant (San Diego)
32. Barret Astin (Arkansas)
33. Phil Ervin (Samford)
34. Austin Wilson (Stanford)
35. Adam Frazier (Mississippi State)
36. Mason Katz (LSU)
37. AJ Reed (Kentucky)
38. AJ Vanegas (Stanford)
39. JaCoby Jones (LSU)
40. Aaron Blair (Marshall)
41. Patrick Biondi (Michigan)
42. Tyler Horan (Virginia Tech)
43. Tanner English (South Carolina)
44. Corey Littrell (Kentucky)
45. Chad Pinder (Virginia Tech)
46. Matt Boyd (Oregon State)
47. Max White (Oklahoma)
48. Joey Pankake (South Carolina)
49. Justin Jones (Cal)
50. Grayson Greiner (South Carolina)
51. Conrad Gregor (Vanderbilt)
52. Riley Moore (Arizona)
53. Kevin Ziomek (Vanderbilt)
54. Michael Wagner (San Diego)
55. Jacob May (Coastal Carolina)
56. Jake Johansen (Dallas Baptist)
57. Jeff Hoffman (East Carolina)
58. Jonathon Crawford (Florida)
59. Trevor Gott (Kentucky)
60. Mitchell Garver (New Mexico)
61. Trey Masek (Texas Tech)
62. Chad Green (Louisville)
63. Jeff Roy (Rhode Island)
64. D.J. Peterson (New Mexico)
65. Ryan Eades (LSU)
66. Nick Vander Tuig (UCLA)
67. Tanner Mathis (Ole Miss)
68. Jimmie Sherfy (Oregon)
69. Dylan Covey (San Diego)
70. Jake Reed (Oregon)
71. Dan Child (Oregon State)
72. Brandon Liebrandt (Florida State)
73. Nick Petree (Missouri State)
74. Jose Trevino (Oral Roberts)
75. Jason Monda (Washington State)
76. Ryon Healy (Oregon)
77. Michael O’Neill (Michigan)
78. Tyler Skulina (Kent State)
79. Tom Bourdon (Boston College)
80. Tony Kemp (Vanderbilt)
81. Alex Blandino (Stanford)
82. Justin Gonzalez (Florida State)
83. Danny Collins (Troy)
84. Jared King (Kansas State)
85. Jeff Thompson (Louisville)
86. Mathew Troupe (Arizona)
87. Ryan Tella (Auburn)
88. Kevin Williams (UCLA)
89. Braden Shipley (Nevada)
90. Jordan Hankins (Austin Peay State)
91. Hunter Cole (Georgia)
92. Brandon Thomas (Georgia Tech)
93. David Berg (UCLA)
94. Mason Robbins (Southern Miss)
95. Ty Ross (Louisiana State)
96. Aaron Brown (Pepperdine)
97. Kyle Freeland (Evansville)
98. Colton Plaia (Loyola-Marymount)
99. Andrew Istler (Duke)
100. Alex Haines (Seton Hill)

  • robert

    whats going on with top hundred players

    • Ginger has had some computer issues lately

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

  • robert

    what is status on Gingers computer problems are you going to continue top 100

    • Hopefully it is fixed by next week

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

  • Edd

    Not trying to tell u how to run your business … Not really intrigueing to look at a daily list thats not even close to being up to date

    • I am well aware of this as I have a full time job and ginger should be handling this
      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

    • Ginger

      I apologize for the inconvenience, however I currently do not have a working computer so I am trying to get these up as often as possible! The list should be returning daily now that my computer is working again. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, but the Top 100 is saved on the computer that had not been working and it took longer than expected to get fixed. Thanks for hanging in there!

  • Edd

    I think I have the answer. You need a new computer guy and something called a backup Ginger. Lol good luck.

    • Ginger

      That I do! Unfortunately, that computer WAS the backup already after the first one broke! Thanks for hanging in there though, Edd! I really appreciate your patience 🙂

  • Brian, what about players 1-81?

  • Where are players 1-81 on this 2013 list? Thanks

    • We are releasing them as we lead up to the season

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

  • Jesse

    Brian, where do I find out the best baseball programs for high schoolers that help them connect with proper coaches/college schools/programs? Thanks.

  • Paul

    7 days to go til start of the season,when do you plan the final 40 of your top 100?

  • Huskercoug

    Any chance this page can be brought up to date for an easy view of everyone so far?

    • I will try to update it tonight

      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily

  • wow

    I guess this top 100 list isn’t going to be updated, huh?

  • Dropped the Ball

    Where are 1-50?

  • Jason

    Michael Conforto should have (Oregon State) next to his name, not (Kentucky).

  • Sean

    John Simms? Not in top 100?

  • jimmy

    Its tough creating a top 100 list i know this and I’ll give you that . …. however many northern Mid West guys were left of the list though . a geographic bias maybe !?…A guy like Melton who plays for SDSU should have got a mention here . 3rd baseman , 450 bat ave …great glove at 3rd base too …has won ‘player of the week’ the in last two weeks etc ….. but i know its tough Brian you do a good job at it and your crew , I just feel Melton should have been on it . fair comment I think .

  • Matt Oberste. Enough said. Boomer Sooner.

  • Baseballfanatic2231

    Tyler Shryock 37 hits 2nd in NCAA.

  • mike

    Kris Bryant any higher then number 10 is a crime

    • Carlos – San Diego

      Start the prosecuting Dude !

  • Andy

    you’re sleeping on Jason Hursh

  • GATECH89

    Hey Brian, wish you had more help on low budget. Just curious, there seems to be a HUGE shortage on Catchers this year with the right TOOLS and Bat. Can you do a run down on some of the TOP Catchers in various conferences that are up for the Johnny Bench Award and then some of the lesser known ones from smaller conferences that may make a Great HIDDEN Gem…for example like Adam Martin at Western Carolina or Alex Swim of Elon, both from the Southern Conference and on the Johnny Bench Watch List.
    Again, Thanks for the BEST insight on College Baseball Website.

  • ?

    What about Cody Stubbs?

  • Carlos – San Diego

    Just wanted to say : Egg on the face Baby ! Kris Bryant at 31 ? WTF ? ? ? ? ? ? Way off the mark on this one . Time to re-evaluate your ability to judge talent .

    • Preseason ranking…the kid went nuts this year! Don’t think anyone saw that coming
      Brian Foley
      Editor of College Baseball Daily