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CBD Column: 2012 NCAA Regional Projections (May 2nd)

College Baseball Daily continues our countdown to Selection Monday with our latest 2012 Regional Projections. Remember, that these projections are from the latest RPI and based on if the tourney started today.

1. Florida State * (1)

2. Central Florida *

3. Florida Atlantic *

4. Michigan State

1. NC State

2. Appalachian State *

3. Texas

4. Monmouth *

1. Stanford (8)

2. New Mexico State *

3. Georgia Tech

4. Army *

1. Arkansas

2. Clemson

3. Missouri State *

4. Oral Roberts *

1. Purdue * (5)

2. Mississippi State

3. Maryland

4. Kent State *

1. Kentucky *

2. Virginia Tech

3. TCU

4. Manhattan *

1. UCLA * (4)

2. San Diego *

3. Long Beach State *

4. New Mexico *

1. Cal State Fullerton

2. Arizona

3. Wake Forest

4. Austin Peay State *

1. North Carolina (6)

2. East Carolina

3. UNC-Wilmington *

4. Elon

1. South Carolina

2. College of Charleston

3. Coastal Carolina *

4. South Carolina-Upstate *

1. Baylor * (3)

2. Ole Miss

3. Dallas Baptist

4. Texas State

1. Rice

2. Texas A&M

3. Sam Houston State *

4. Stony Brook *

1. LSU (7)

2. Oregon State

3. Louisville

4. Jackson State *

1. Virginia

2. Gonzaga

3. St. John’s

4. Delaware State *

1. Florida (2)

2. Miami (FL)

3. Stetson

4. Rhode Island *

1. Oregon *

2. Pepperdine

3. Auburn

4. Dartmouth *

*Projected Champion


Projected Champ

America East Stony Brook
Atlantic 10 Rhode Island
ACC Florida State
Atlantic Sun SC-Upstate
Big 10 Purdue
Big 12 Baylor
Big East St. John’s
Big South Coastal Carolina
Big West Long Beach State
CAA UNC-Wilmington
Conference USA UCF
Horizon League Wright State
Ivy League Dartmouth
MAAC Manhattan
MAC Kent State
MEAC Delaware State
Missouri Valley Missouri State
Mountain West New Mexico
Northeast Conference Monmouth (Bryant is NOT ELIGIBLE)
Ohio Valley Conference Austin Peay State
Pac-12 Oregon
Patriot League Army
SEC Kentucky
Southern Conference Appalachian State
Southland Conference Sam Houston State
SWAC Jackson State
Summit League Oral Roberts
Sun Belt Florida Atlantic
West Coast Conference San Diego
WAC New Mexico State

  • Horizon League fan

    Did you forget to include Wright State in the regionals as the Horizon League representative?

    • Yep! Should be a four seed in the Purdue Regional!

      Brian Foley

  • jwrightmsu

    How does Miss St have to do down the stretch to host a regional? Would 36-20 (16-14) do it?

    • jwrightmsu

      And I know there’s no way you can predict what this would do for Miss St’s RPI and you certainly can’t predict what everyone else does either. Just looking for your opinion in general. That would give us series wins over Florida and Kentucky and more than likely have us finishing in the top 4 or 5 in the SEC.

      • A top 4 finish in the Sec would put them in the discussion for a host spot!
        Brian Foley

        • jwrightmsu

          Thanks. Is it based strictly on RPI rankings or is there some discussion? Meaning is it top 16 RPI host regionals and top 8 RPI host super regionals if they win?

          • It is usually pretty close to the top 16 hosting except on rare occasions for a Northern team…
            Brian Foley

          • jwrightmsu

            Cool. Thanks again!

        • jwrightmsu

          Meaning the official NCAA selection process.

  • MM25RSN

    Purdue would love that draw.  I hope they make it to Omaha.

    Elon better not get in.  They have played a great schedule once again but have not beaten anyone out side of conference play.  NO ONE.  Maybe tonight they will finally get a decent win over Wake Forest 

  • Meac

    Lol delaware state….this must be a joke

    • MM25RSN

      Hey Meac,

      Here is a quote from Boydsworld about Delaware States probability of winning the MEAC regular season.  Which the projections are based on not who Brian thinks will win the tourney.

      -” Delaware State has effectively clinched the MEAC, with only a .2% chance that BCU can catch them.”-boyd

      That is a ZERO POINT 2 % chance not even a 2% chance

      • BBall

        @MM25RSN:disqus whoever wins the conference tournament gets the regional bid. So if you look at boyds worlds rpi of both teams and actually see each teams schedules, and the history of the MEAC, you will understand. Look at who delware state has played and who bethune cookman has played.

        • MM25RSN

          By no means was i saying i think Delaware St will win the tourney.  I was just pointed out how Brian selected each conference automatic bid.  The MEAC guy was calling it a joke because Brian listed Delaware St as the auto bid.  Before he called it a joke he should have read why Delaware St was listed.  Im willing to bet that if you asked Brian who he thinks will win the tourney he says Bethune.  If he says Delaware St than i will join in on the riping.  LOL

          • Jag4Lyfe

            Not to jump on the bandwagon of the MEAC prediction, but what is worse than the Delaware State selection is that of the Jackson State selection from the SWAC!  The SWAC East has typically been much softer than the West (as is the case again this season).  The criteria for selecting J-State should seriously be re-evaluated….take a long look at Southern University.  I won’t even give all of the reasons why (only factual information….no opinions) but just take the time to do a little research and you’ll surely re-think the Jackson State pick.

          • Are you guys serious? The teams we put as an auto bid have the best conference record at the time of posting!
            Brian Foley

          • Jag4Lyfe

            Brian, you’re correct.  At the time of the post Jackson State did have a better conference record….unfortunately they ran into a buzz saw the weekend before the post…..LOL!

          • BBall

            And bethune cookman wins the conference for the 7th straight year….

          • And your point? They were taken to an elimination game!

            Brian Foley
            Editor of College Baseball Daily
            Twitter: @BFoley82|@CB_Daily

          • MM25RSN

             For one thing i did not make these projections and secondly you clearly did not read why the picks were made.  Simple question for you…..who has the best record in MEAC and who has the best record in the SWAC?  If you are going to talk about facts atleast do a little research and look at the actual standings.  Im no math genius but im pretty sure 21-3 is a better record than 17-7 and 20-1 might be better than 16-4. 

          • Jag4Lyfe

            My bad….I was attempting to reply to Brian’s selection not directing the post to you.  Also, I just realized that the selection was dated May 2nd.  Still surprising that J-State was picked to win the SWAC when the weekend prior to the selection Southern took two from J-State in pretty dominating fashion (even beating up their really good #1 Starter—Quintavious Drains).  Despite the difference in conference records I’m sure Bethune will have a major say-so in the conference tournament…..just check the history.

          • MM25RSN

            No problem.  I hope Bethune wins the tourney.  Have to pull for my Western boys. 

  • Guest

    You can’t pair up FSU and NC State as 1 seeds from the same conference in a super regional.

  • Nick


  • CtaylorSr

    Virginia hosting? You might be finally able to take your sunglasses off in Charlottesville! 🙂

    We have great facilities and great crowd support, but there’s still some work to do for the Cavs to make that happen

    • Rpi is getting much better with the Miami sweep

      Brian Foley

  • Jason Myers

    So the number 3 team in the country does not host but UNC does? SEC will get 3 again. Purdue does not even have a stadium and just dropped two games to UCLA. Two suspect picks with UNC and Purdue in there.

    • Umm….these brackets were done LAST week before the games you are talking about!
      Brian Foley

  • Nunyabiz

    UCF > Rice?  Don’t make me laugh.  Rice will win CUSA and their regional with ease.

    • Cmacdaid

      Dont forget about East Carolina they are good at times

  • eagles12

    The horizon league winner isnt on the list of projected regionals…..where would they go?

  • bmaker92

    Where’s the Horizon League champ in the latest projection?

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