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CBD Journal with Tommy Richards

This weeks’ Stater code is, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.  Seems pretty fitting with the snow that just hit us.  But we think there is a deeper meaning than simply wearing the Nike sleeves the equipment guys dish out to us.

It’s the idea of preparation.  And in order to be fully prepared you have to be ready for the unexpected, like that rumbling hail cloud making its way over.  But hey that’s water of the ducks back if you have got your rain gear ready, right?

We like what this quote says, and know that it has a direct correlation to the baseball world and taking action even in the face of something that one did not see coming.

Saturday is bring your dog to the park day.  You can bet your boots that Peter (the team dog, and Clubhouse security) will be there, hopefully he can make a few friends and catch a Cougar win.

Coach Leach threw the first pitch at the Saturday USC game, which was a pretty fun sight to see.  And the excitement around the Cougar Football season continues to grow along side of the Martin Stadium renovations.

Shout out to all of equipment guys, who are headed up by Nate Weber.  They make sure that we have everything we need and go to great lengths in doing this.  Thanks guys.

Go Cougs,

Tommy Richards





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