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ACC Weekend Preview

Here is your ACC Weekend Pitching Matchups and Predictions.

#2 Florida State at #24 Georgia Tech
Friday, April 6
Ga Tech Starter RHP Buck Farmer (5-2, 4.17 ERA)
Fla State Starter LHP Brandon Liebrandt (3-1, 2.91 ERA)
Saturday, April 7
Ga Tech Starter RHP Dusty Isaacs (4-1, 3.37 ERA)
Fla State Starter RHP Mike Compton (6-0, 1.91 ERA)
Sunday, April 8
Ga Tech Starter RHP Cole Pitts (4-1, 3.79 ERA)
Fla State Starter RHP Peter Miller (4-1, 3.38 ERA)

Brian Foley: FSU 2-1
Nolan Alexander: FSU 2-1

#3 North Carolina at #9 Miami, Florida

Fri. 7 p.m. LHP Kent Emanuel (So., 5-1, 1.59 ERA) vs LHP Eric Erikson (Gr., 4-3, 3.40 ERA)
Sat. 2 p.m. RHP Chris Munnelly (Jr., 2-0, 3.38 ERA) vs RHP Eric Whaley (Jr., 3-2, 2.28 ERA)
Sun. 1 p.m. RHP Benton Moss (Fr., 2-1, 1.93 ERA) vs LHP Steven Ewing (Jr., 3-0, 2.35 ERA)

Brian Foley: UNC 2-1
Nolan Alexander: UNC 2-1

#26 NC State at Maryland

Friday NCS Ethan Ogburn, RHP (1.59 ERA, 3-1) vs. UMD Brett Harman, RHP (2.38 ERA, 4-1)
Saturday NCS Carlos Rodon, LHP (1.49 ERA, 4-0) vs. UMD Jimmy Reed, LHP (0.48 ERA, 0-1)
Sunday NCS Logan Jernigan, RHP (4.44 ERA, 3-1) vs. UMD David Carroll, RHP (3.53 ERA, 3-1)

Brian Foley: NC State 2-1
Nolan Alexander: NC State 2-1

Wake Forest at #29 Virginia


Brian Foley: Wake Forest 2-1
Nolan Alexander: UVA 2-1

Boston College at Virginia Tech

Friday: RHP Eric Stevens (4-1, 4.46) vs. LHP Joe Mantiply (3-2, 3.25)
Saturday: RHP Hunter Gordon (1-2, 4.74) vs. TBA
Sunday: RHP Taylor Lasko (0-2, 3.00) vs. TBA

Brian Foley: VT 2-1
Nolan Alexander: VT 2-1

Clemson at Duke

Day # Pitcher Pos. Cl. W-L ERA
Fri. 19 Kevin Brady RHP *Jr. 1-2 2.94
Sat. 6 Dominic Leone RHP Jr. 4-2 5.08
Sun. 21 Kevin Pohle RHP So. 3-1 1.82
Day # Pitcher Pos. Cl. W-L ERA
Fri. 7 Marcus Stroman RHP Jr. 3-3 2.57
Sat. 20 Trent Swart LHP Fr. 3-3 2.25
Sun. 16 Robert Huber RHP So. 3-3 4.11

Brian Foley: Duke 2-1
Nolan Alexander: Duke 2-1

  • Scott Martineau

    Your experts could not have missed bigger on Miami sweeping UNC. Eric Erikson won ACC FR pitcher of the year award (the same award his opposite pitcher Emmanuel won last year) when Emmanuel was an 8th grader & he took Emmanuel to school in his most dominating performance since he was a Freshman in 2007! PITCHING DOMINATED THE SERIES, with Eric Whaley giving up 2 runs in first inning before shutting UNC down completely in a 4-3 win in 14 innings on an Estaban Tresgallo HR, and today neither team could generate much offense but the Canes did manage 4 runs, shutting out UNC twice for the first time since 1992 when UNC was shut out twice by Princeton, but first and only time since ACC went to 3 game weekend series play!.

  • Spot

    Hey Foley, how’s that grudge against UVa treating you?

    • What grudge? No idea what you are talking about..

      UVA isn’t a CWS team this season.

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