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CBD Column: 2012 NCAA Regional Projections (March 29th)

College Baseball Daily continues our countdown to Selection Monday with our latest 2012 Regional Projections. Remember, that these projections are from the latest RPI so some teams have high RPI while not playing very few conference games.


1. Florida (1)2. Maryland

3. Central Florida *

4. Washington

1. Miami (FL)2. LSU

3. Florida Atlantic *

4. Belmont

1. Arkansas (8)2. Missouri State *

3. Southern California

4. Austin Peay State *

1. Rice2. Virginia

3. Texas

4. Oral Roberts *

1. Kentucky* (4)2. Oregon State

3. Clemson

4. Kent State *

1. Purdue *2. Auburn

3. Virginia Tech

4. Canisius *

1. UCLA*(5)2. Cal State Fullerton

3. San Diego *

4. Delaware State *

1. New Mexico State *2. East Carolina

3. New Mexico *

4. Jackson State *

1. North Carolina (6)2. College of Charleston *

3. UNC-Wilmington

4. Stony Brook *

1. South Carolina2. Wake Forest

3. USC-Upstate *

4. Army *

1. Stanford (3)2. Gonzaga

3. Ohio State

4. Sacred Heart *

1. Baylor2. Texas State

3. Oregon

4. Liberty *

1. Texas A&M (7)2. Ole Miss

3. Sam Houston State *

4. Wright State *

1. NC State2. Pepperdine

3. Louisville *

4. Elon

1. Florida State* (2)2. SE Louisiana

3. Appalachian State

4. Cornell *

1. Arizona2. Cal Poly *

3. TCU

4. St. Louis *



Projected Champ

America East Stony Brook
Atlantic 10 St. Louis
ACC Florida State
Atlantic Sun USC-Upstate
Big 10 Purdue
Big 12 Baylor
Big East Louisville
Big South Liberty
Big West Cal-Poly
CAA UNC-Wilmington
Conference USA UCF
Horizon League Wright State
Ivy League Cornell
MAAC Canisius
MAC Kent State
MEAC Delaware State
Missouri Valley Missouri State
Mountain West New Mexico
Northeast Conference Sacred Heart
Ohio Valley Conference Austin Peay State
Pac-12 UCLA
Patriot League Army
SEC Kentucky
Southern Conference College of Charleston
Southland Conference Sam Houston State
SWAC Jackson State
Summit League Oral Roberts
Sun Belt Florida Atlantic
West Coast Conference San Diego
WAC New Mexico State


  • Really, you think Kentucky will win the SEC?  I admit their starters look good.  We’ll see how they hold up in the tournament against some formidable lineups.  I think USC will be hitting better by then and I don’t think Florida’s offense has peaked yet either.

    • Kentucky currently has the best record in the conference so they get the autobid.
      I was stunned to see Purdue’s RPI being so high!
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  • I understand about the autobid.  I thought you meant they would be SEC champions.  Sorry.

  • Mike Roze


  • Mike Roze

    No way you have Cal Poly winning the big west, and fullerton not getting a regional??? If fullerton wins the big best and is in the top 20, they get a regional.

  • WestCoast101

    You have USD winning the WCC and playing as a 3 seed at UCLA, while Gonzaga and Pepperdine are 2 seeds?  That’s definitely not happening. 

    • USD has the better WCC record right now but Gonzaga and Pepperdine have better RPI’s… Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

  • Nolan

    When will the ACC weekend preview for this weekend be out?

    • ACC preview should be out in the morning!
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  • Dakota

    You have Sam Houston State winning the Southland, but getting a 3 seed. Southeastern LA as a 2 and Texas State as a 2. Why is that? I personally think SELA will end up winning the Southland.

    • Better RPI…
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      • Websiteuser101

         Do you think the Southland has a good chance to send 3 teams in the Tourney?  Assuming neither TxState and SELA win the conference tourney but maintain high RPI’s…

    • MM25RSN

      Hey Dakota,
      Your best bet to get 3 teams in from Southland will probably be if someone other than Texas St or SE Louisiana does not win tourney.  Right now if Sam Houston won it i you would get 3 like Brian projects cause Texas St and SE Louisiana are building solid resumes so far.  

  • Nolan

    The ACC tournament will be exciting this year. With myself being a Wake Forest fan, I am always curious about everyone else’s thoughts on them.

    Brian, How do you see Wake finishing the season? NCAA tournament bid? How do you think we match-up/finish in the ACC and ACC tournament?

  • Websiteuser101

    Do you think the Southland has a good chance to send 3 teams in the
    Tourney?  Assuming neither TxState and SELA win the conference tourney
    but both maintain high RPI’s…

  • Nick

    how many wins do you think it will take for kansas state to make their 4th straight regional? Ik we are haveing a up and down year and we are young but our schedule streagth should help us out if we are knocking on the door to a bid. 

  • Guido

    TCU at 12-10 with an RPI of 51 is in and Nebraska (17-9) and Georgia Tech (16-10) at 42 and 43 are out?  Take a closer look at how the teams are doing this year and just don’t go on reputation from past years.

  • Guido

    Sorry I missed Clemson at 12-12 and RPI of 52 (with a 1-5 road record).  They are a joke this year.

    • Mark C

      I have to agree.  Put in Nebraska and Georgia Tech and take out Clemson and TCU and it looks more realistic.  If you are predicting what will happen the rest of the year, then GT might not make it.  They have a tough remaining ACC schedule after this weekend.

    • Mark C

      Also, if you are placing teams on just performance so far this year, I think you have to take out Ohio State and put in GT or Nebraska.  GT won 2 of 3 from Ohio St (granted it was played in Atlanta), and if I remember right GT beat them fairly solid in two games and the game Ohio St. won was a 2 or 3 run game.

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