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2012 CBD Journal with Washington State’s Tommy Richards (March 29th)

This weeks’ Stater code is balance. A good diet, a gymnast, the future Mike Leach Cougar offense, an algebraic equation, and the duties in motherhood are all things that boil down to balance. So maybe there is something to be learned by these things that we can use in our life on the Palouse.

Where does balance fall in the lap of the Staters? Turns out to be more the one of the central facets of the stance the hitters start their swing from. Recently the battle for balance has been with school and travel. And when one puts more weight on one side of the pendulum he has to add that same amount to the other side in order to achieve balance.

Perhaps more relative though is the balanced perspective that one can foster to ensure they are getting the most out of their time at the yard. There has to be balance between never being satisfied with where you stand and the ability to trust your every move.

How about balance in the way one looks at failure? Somewhere between ‘that was a fluke’ and ‘boy I had that one coming to me’ is probably optimal.

I should probably note that through out the course of these articles I have talked at great length about what makes a Stater a Stater. It might sound like we think we have it all figured out, that this weeks code (Balance) is merely another piece of the puzzle that we have already mastered. Wrong.

Perfection, in our minds, is in the pursuit. Balance, belief, consistency, constant progression, and trust are always going to be in the forefront of our minds, things that we are striving for. But that is not to say that we are going to hit our mark at a 100% clip. Losing sight of these important things, now that’s when we aren’t perfect.

If you don’t know who Steve Gleason is yet, get on youtube and do some research. He is the definition of a Coug, and my writing would not do justice in describing his unbelievable attitude and efforts.

Tommy Richards

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