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2012 CBD Journal with Washington State’s Tommy Richards (March 21st)

This weeks’ Stater code is consistency. In the game of failure a consistent mental state is the only thing that one can be sure will show up to the yard everyday. Some days you may not hit like you want to, other days you may not catch it the way you want to, but every day can be tallied up under the winning mentality category. When one is able to do this, they call it consistency.

I think I heard Jeter say something to this affect on a Wheatie’s commercial back in the day, but it made sense to me.

We all had to read Longfellow’s The Tide Rise’s, The Tide Falls at some point in our schooling. Some argue the meaning as being a cliché for the cyclical nature of fortune and misfortune. Sound familiar to any hitters out there?

In acknowledging that fallen tides are inevitable, it should give hope that they will rise again. And this realization can be the root of the consistent mental state that is the mark of a good baseball team, and player.

We believe that teams with consistency can win baseball games, even when they aren’t clicking on all cylinders, because they bring their same attitude and effort to the yard everyday.

Highlights from our spring break trip included DJ hitting for the cycle and Drobnick being the first Cougar pitcher to reach base safely since like 96’ or something crazy like that (feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

As the season gets going it is my hope to keep the results from our games and things of that nature out of these articles. The focus here is with the internal workings of the team and away from anything that will stir up too much of a mess. It is more fun that way anyway.

Tommy Richards

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