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CBD Journal with Washington State’s Tommy Richards (March 13th)

The Stater Code for this week is belief. In Swing Your Sword by the Cougar football coach Mike Leach, Wes Welker is quoted as saying “I just try to concentrate on what I can control, and that is me going out and believing in myself.”

This quote has found its way onto our posted practice plans, and deservingly so. It holds huge truth, and is something that we need to hang our hat on in order to be at our best.

Aside from the awesome message, there are a couple other things about this quote that should be noted. One, Wes Welker is a dude. And two Swing Your Sword is a must read for any Cougar faithful.

We have been able to put the vitamin B supplement pills away and enjoy real sunshine on our spring break, barring we don’t bring any Pullman weather with us for the rest of the trip. Starting the week against UNLV, moving to Fullerton and Irvine, and finishing it up in Tucson against the Wildcats.

It’s a good thing the team is as close as we are or this week on the road together could be a long one. We are enjoying all the time that we get to spend together. We got a dose of reality the other night when we went to see Act of Valor together. Again, great movie that I would suggest anybody see.

We wanted to give Nate and Lindsay Weber a shout out for taking such good care of us on the road. They are a big part of our family and have been keeping busy with making sure that everything is squared away for the team.

Clichés aside, we are taking them one game at a time.

Go Cougs.

Tommy Richards

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