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CBD Journal with Washington State’s Tommy Richards (March 6th)

This weeks’ Stater code is trust the plan. Sounds simple enough but when the going gets tough, the plan can seem as distant as that retirement account you have been planning on opening. Sure, the plan may still be in the back of ones head, but often the tendency is to focus more on making it out of the present moment alive rather than anything else.

Throughout the years, it has become relevant that when the going gets tough, the tough can get going because their plan is their main focus, and they trust it very much.

They recognize that it won’t win every time, but if they stick with it, the plan will win more times than not. Great teams’ live and die by their plan. And if death is the outcome, at least they went down swinging (and probably at their pitch!)

Ian Sagdal was our first freshmen to tally a mark in the hit column. Congrats to those who put their money on Saggy. Must say that many of our young bucks were quick to follow with tally marks of their own. Now the question is who will get the first dinger? Bets anybody? A new pool has been opened.

A thanks to all for the support through the beginning of the season, we appreciate everything. Especially to those who braved the weather these past few weekends to watch us play. We hope to keep you coming back.

Big spring break coming up that I am sure will be one of the highlights of the year. We get to pretend to be in the big leagues and focus on nothing aside from playing baseball and being around our teammates.

Short and sweet is the new model for these updates. I’ll give you the good stuff and leave out the stuff that doesn’t serve a purpose, and besides we have games to prepare for!

Go Cougs!

Tommy Richards

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