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CBD Journal with Western Illinois (Feb. 21st)

This past weekend we went down to Georgia State and I think I can speak for everyone and say it was a disappointment. I do not think GSU won the series; I think we lost it. We just errors kill us and good teams do not give runs away. Run are hard to come by, especially with the new bats.

We have all the talent to be successful and we need to be able to fine-tune some of the aspects of our game to build a winning program.

I liked our approach at the plate this weekend; we were able to have a decent weekend swinging the sticks because of that patient approach.

Overall, we need to have a “rippin’ throats” type attitude. We need to compete and fight until the game is over. Seven runs should be enough to win a game but we need to keep the pressure on the opponent.

I know if we come out this weekend with the right approach and the willingness to compete on every pitch we will grab three wins. We have so much talent here and it is extremely frustrating giving games away. If we get beat we need to be able to get the next one. The difficult thing is knowing you did not give your best performance or let being scared of failure prevent you from going “all in.”

During this part of the season it is about getting better everyday and keeping everything in perspective. That way, when the conference tournament arrives we are prepared and playing our best baseball.

Senior Outfielder Ryan Cowhey

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