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CBD Journal with Tommy Richards (Washington State)

We will chalk up our Stater code of the month to a Chinese proverb: “The journey is the reward.” Though January does mark the start of baseball season, I will not say that it has marked the start of our journey. For this team, that started in August.

However, I will say that we have reached a new point. Think of it like Mt. Everest: It has been awesome getting to base camp, but now we get to start climbing. If the depth of your struggle really does equal the height of your success, then we are excited to get the oxygen tanks out and start climbing.

Earlier this month Pullman experienced the annual winter love and was graced with over a foot of snow, which made for an awesome igloo outside of the clubhouse. The baseball field looked like a little slice of Heaven; the campus was completely white, but the field was cleared and showing its flush green surface beneath. Artificial or not, the field looked like an untouched oasis.

We love the fact that there can be snow all around us, but a clear field for us to play on. It almost makes us feel selfish that we can be outside playing a game while other students on campus are having a hard time keeping their feet beneath them when walking to class.

It is worth noting again that we recorded the highest GPA in team history during the fall. We are all pretty proud of this accomplishment, and no one will ever be able to take that away from us. We will try to rewrite the record books for GPAs (and other things) again in the spring.

In other news, the betting lines for the first freshman to get a hit are still open and will be until the first pitch of the season. Then they are locked in. It is looking to be a tight race, with a ton of hopefuls.

And I do believe that about wraps it up. Wish there was more to say, but if I write anymore I won’t love it. We are past base camp and working on the summit, and the journey has already been years in motion. New day to attack tomorrow.

Tommy Richards

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