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A Tale of Two Stadiums

Good friend of both Kat Cornetta and myself, Eric Angevine wrote an excellent article on the Tale of Two Stadiums in Omaha as he looks at the differences between Rosenblatt Stadium and T.D. Ameritrade Stadium.

In late September, 2011, a Nebraska-based retailer of farm equipment held a public sale on a large vacant lot in South Omaha. Prospective buyers were treated to live demonstrations of raw horsepower, as yellow-and-green frontloaders churned up weedy soil and scraped off dusty layers of the patchy turf.

It looked like just another tractor sale in Nebraska, but dolly back and take a wider view of the scene. Behind a hastily erected John Deere banner rose an amphitheater without seats, painted in broad horizontal stripes, blue, red and yellow. Above that, a denuded steel superstructure and a curving glass facade. Only one wing of the stadium—for that’s what it is, or was—still contained rows of colorful seats. The rest were removed over a long, quiet summer from this place once dubbed The Diamond on the Hill. The sign perched over the outfield bleachers gave the place its official name: Rosenblatt.

I highly recommend you check out the rest of the article by clicking here.

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