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UALR completes Installation of New Infield Turf

LITTLE ROCK – The UALR baseball program has announced that the installation of new polyurethane turf at Gary Hogan Field is complete. The new state-of-the-art surface covers nearly the entire infield, with only the pitcher’s mound being built with true clay.

“We are very excited for this opportunity to enhance Gary Hogan Field,” said head coach Scott Norwood. “We already have a great indoor facility, and this new turf on the infield provides an upgrade to an already great ballpark. This helps with recruiting, and it helps with hosting tournaments. It helps improve everything about UALR baseball.”

Roughly 31,000 square feet of the new polyurethane turf replaces the AstroTurf 1200 that was installed during a $1.6 million renovation project to Gary Hogan Field in 2004, which also included a new lighting system, expansion of the grandstand area and the construction of the indoor practice facility.

One benefit of the new surface is the elimination of clay at each of the three bases and home plate. Instead, a clay-colored, high-density turf – termed ‘High Slide’ by the company – containing three times the number of fibers will be installed in those areas that receive the most wear and tear.

Other improvements include a maroon UALR Trojan logo located between home plate and the backstop, and additional high slide turf at the edges of the backstop to serve as a warning track.

Hellas Construction, the same company that installed the turf at the new Cowboys Stadium, completed the installation.

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